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Chef Enrique Olvera is famous for always putting the name of Mexico high on the maps and lists of world’s best restaurants.  Besides his acclaimed restaurant Pujol in Mexico city, Cosme in New York, and several other collaborations (see more here), we are extremely excited he is bringing his culinary experience to Los Cabos in July 2015!  His new Los Cabos restaurant Manta, will be an important part of The Cape, The Thompson Hotel, a newly opened hotel in Los Cabos, and will provide a true culinary experience for anyone who likes to enjoy the best what nature has to offer.  The restaurant’s name, Manta, has an intriguing double meaning, that lies at the heart of Olvera’s concept:  the manta ray symbolizes the focus on seafood, while manta, the Spanish word for blanket, conveys the chef’s emphasis on comfort.  Acknowledged by The New York Times for his “way of confirming and subverting expectations of Mexican food at the same time,” Olvera draws inspiration from the izakaya tradition to introduce pan-Pacific influences to traditional Mexican cuisine.

The Cape, the new resort in Los Cabos isn’t bringing just more hotel rooms but also new exquisite and authentic culinary experiences.  The Cape is the first Thompson Hotel to open in Mexico (second one is expected to open in Fall in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo).


With dedication and passion for food, Chef Olvera personally developed the menus for The Cape’s signature restaurant Manta. He has been involved in the whole process of development; Manta will have 114 seats and an exhibition kitchen. Olvera also revealed that he and his team went to Guadalajara to meet with a ceramics maker to design custom pieces for the restaurant.

About the cuisine of the new restaurant Manta, Olvera explains that it will have some of the best international food and this will be his first menu that won’t be fully Mexican, but it will have the best ingredients and techniques of the Pacific Rim. “Cabo is a destination that I personally have an affinity for and where my family and I often spend time” said.  He added that the restaurant will be his responsibility and hopes to give an excellent service to all.


The menu will reflect the best feeling of The Cape, a mix of modern elements with a casual and warm style.  Some of the ingredients will be fresh and local seafood, a lot of local products and flavors too, like handmade tortillas and handcrafted beer.  The whole experience will be extraordinary and we can assure you will be amaze.  We’re happy to add that the Food & Bar Manager at The Cape is Osvaldo Velazquez, one of our favorite Los Cabos mixologists (previously at Capella Pedregal and The Resort at Pedregal). We can’t wait to see and taste what such a creative culinary and food & beverage team will prepare to excite their guests.

Enrique Olvera is a very recognized chef all around the world; according to Food & Wine Magazine, he’s regarded as one of the 10 most promising chefs of the world.  Famous by his other restaurants, like Pujol in Mexico City and Cosme in New York, he has established the gastronomic heritage of Mexico internationally, under a new and fresh perspective, always keeping in mind the new trends in creative cuisine.  And now that he signature will be in Los Cabos, you have to enjoy it on your next vacation!  


Follow our blog for updates on Manta – we will blog after our first experience at the resort and restaurant.  Also don’t miss our Los Cabos travel tips and news and events around town.

For more Los Cabos travel tips and vacation ideas, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com, or visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com for Los Cabos vacation rental recommendations.


Los Cabos Open of Surf 2015

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For a full week Los Cabos turns into the best touristic spot for surfing in Mexico, thanks to Los Cabos Open of Surf.  Since the start, this have been the most exciting international and professional surf and music event in Mexico.  This surf competition started as the first  ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) 6-Star Men’s event in Mexico back in 2013, and year by year it increases their competitions and classifications.  Los Cabos Open of Surf 2014 edition was the first Women’s ASP 6-Star competition in Mexico, making it the most important and the biggest surf competition in Mexico and Latin America.

Last year's winner in woman's competition: Coco Ho. Photo @ LA76 Photography.

Last year’s winner in women’s competition: Coco Ho. Photo @ LA76 Photography.

Los Cabos Open of Surf 2015 edition will be take place from June 9th to 14th at the world-famous surf spot Zippers, located at Costa Azul in San Jose del Cabo, famous for being a perfect spot to catch big waves all year long and of course enjoy an spectacular day at the beach, been this one of the most amazing beaches in Los Cabos!

“We are thrilled to once again host this exciting event attracting surf aficionados and families alike to Los Cabos”, said Luis Palacios, Commercial Director of Los Cabos Tourism Board.  The first two editions were distinguished with the presence of some of the biggest names in surfing from around the world, and top talents from Mexico and Latin America, and we expect nothing less from Los Cabos Open of Surf 2015!

Check out this recap from 2014 Edition:

This year, everything gets better, Los Cabos Open of Surf 2015 will be a Women’s WSL (World Surf League) QS6000 and WSL Men’s and Women’s Pro Junior Event where surfers will compete for the big prize and important points for the qualification on the World Championship Tour, you can check their Official Facebook Page for news and updates.

Like we said at the beginning Los Cabos Open of Surf is also a music event, making it a complete party with a special guest every year.  This year’s it promises to be an incredible night with special guest Donavon Frankenreiter, an amazing musician popular among the surf community and a surfer too.  He will be performing on Friday, June 12th, if you’re a surfer or a surf lover (like me) you can’t miss this world-class competition!

Here in Los Cabos we are proud to welcome surfers and fans from all around the world once again to ride the best waves of Baja and enjoy an amazing week in Los Cabos! Welcome all!

Check the 2014 edition results right here:

1 – Matt Banting (AUS) 15.30
2 – Dion Atkinson (AUS) 13.20

SF 1: Matt Banting (AUS) 14.43 def. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 14.00
SF 2: Dion Atkinson (AUS) 15.94 def. Tanner Gudauskas (USA) 15.80

1 – Coco Ho (HAW) 17.10
2 – Brianna Cope (HAW) 11.60

SF 1: Coco Ho (HAW) 18.13 def. Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 8.77
SF 2: Brianna Cope (HAW) 12.60 def. Laura Enever (AUS) 10.10

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Organic Markets in Los Cabos

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Healthy eating is an important part of our lives and choosing the right products for your health and body is a very important.  Organic farming always have been a very significant form of agriculture.  By choosing organic products we support farmers and producers who believe in health care, good quality food and eco-friendly practices.  Which is not only good for ourselves but also good for our planet.

Organic farming is now a worldwide practice keeping in mind the care for our planet.  That’s why Baja and Los Cabos have become a great producer of organic products, encouraging a lot of people to practice organic farming and enjoy organic produce.  Thanks to the perfect weather in all of the Baja peninsula, local people have taken advantage of this and are producing more and more locally grown products and obtained their certificates as organic farms.

With all the efforts of producing organic products, some associations in Los Cabos have organized local organic markets for people who like to shop, enjoy and learn more about the good quality of their products.  We have listed for you the following Organic Markets in Los Cabos and what kind of food and products you can find there.  Like all the markets in Mexico, by visiting an organic market you can not only buy organically grown produce, but also home made bread, pastry and other products, as well as have a fun time with family, friends, and other visitors!

San Jose del Cabo Organic Farmer’s Market

san jose organic market

Located near the San Jose del Cabo Estuary, coming to this market makes it an authentic experience.  From the moment you get here you could easily appreciate the peace and the multicultural harmony.  This is a place where you can buy and discover organic locally grown products, enjoy good music, art, crafts, yoga and some other fun activities for kids.  Here you can find a great variety of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables.  While you’re here you can also enjoy a true culinary experience, enjoying delicious and healthy breakfast, homemade baked bread, some of the best homemade Mexican dishes, fresh organic juices and coffee. Every Saturday from 9am to 3pm. More info here

The Shoppes at Palmilla Organic Market

farmers market at the shoppes at palmilla

Located on Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, The Shoppes at Palmilla Farmers Market is a nice way to enjoy your Friday morning in Los Cabos.  Here you will find everything for your home recipes; organic herbs, vegetables and fruits, animal products like chicken, eggs, fish and seafood.  You can also choose between a large list of natural products like traditional Mexican candies, jams, pesto and dressings.  Try the delicious regional food prepared by local producers, like the traditional ceviche, paninis, muffins, homemade cookies, juices and coffee.  If you are looking for a perfect and totally new way to enjoy your morning, you’re in the right place! Every Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Cabo San Lucas Organic Market at Pedregal


More than a market, the Cabo San Lucas Organic Market at Pedregal is more like a meet up for locals and tourists and of course, the organic farmers.  Here you can shop from the best organic producers and find a big list of products and fresh organic veggies.  You’ll find a variety of sea food, chicken, eggs, cheeses, herbs and fruits.  Some excellent bakery items and delicious homemade Mexican food.  While you’re here, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at Penny Lace Cafe in Pedregal. Wednesday and Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. More info here

The Organic Box

the organic box

The Organic Box is a unique and useful service if you love the organic fresh veggies but you don’t have the time to go to the organic markets and get everything you need.  A box filled with a variety of organic vegetables and fruits of Los Cabos, but how does this works?  You can check every Monday the list of seasonal and fresh products on their Facebook Page, contact them, give your name, phone and address, and by Wednesday you will receive right at your door the Organic Box!

For more Los Cabos travel tips and vacation ideas, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com, or visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com for Los Cabos vacation rental recommendations.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Los Cabos

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Mother’s Day is one of the most sacred days on the Mexican calendar.  Motherhood is highly esteemed in Mexican culture, and as the Virgin Mary is the role model of motherhood, the mother is treated as a goddess.  That’s why you will see that Mother’s Day and the celebration of moms is very important to us in Mexico.  Although the tradition of this holiday is different from the one in the United States, Canada, and world-wide, we should celebrate moms not just on Mother’s Day, but any day.

If you happen to be in Los Cabos during Mother’s Day, (which in Mexico is every year on May 10th), or if you come to visit us with your mom any other time of year, here are some ideas how to celebrate your mom and make her feel special and pampered.  I am planning a cozy and relaxing day with my mom this year, so here’s what I have planned so far (but we’ll just go with a flow):

1. Breakfast


They say “Breakfast like a king”, so I’m planning a queen-worthy breakfast for my mom, and the entire family will help me realise it.  There are several options for a delicious breakfast in Los Cabos, and many restaurants will organize Mother’s Day brunch.  You can take your mom out for breakfast (see our recommendations for Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Los Cabos here.); you can have a private chef prepare a breakfast at your home or garden; or you, your brothers and sisters and the rest of the family can each help and prepare a delicious treat for your mom.

2. Beach day & picnic on the beach

After a delicious start of the day, we’re planning to pack our bags and head to the beach.  I’m thinking she’d love a relaxing day and reading a book, but we might change our minds as well and opt in for some kayaking and snorkeling.  I want to take her to one of my favorite beaches in San Jose del Cabo (if you prefer Cabo, here are some of my favorites as well).  Because we’ll have queen-worthy breakfast, I’m planning a light picnic, for which I’ll buy ingredients at the organic market on Saturday morning.

3. Spa afternoon


After a day full of fun and sun, I want to take my mom for a spa treatment.  Even though I know she dreams of going to a spa often, she would never go to a spa herself.  There are several Los Cabos spas with beautiful ocean views, and I think she would love to have the treatment with the calming view to the ocean and listening to the waves.

4. Family dinner

To wrap up the day, we’re planning a family dinner in honor of our mom.  I really want her to feel special and honored on her day, and the entire family will get dressed up and organize a dinner for her.  We might take her for some delicious seafood, Mexican or Argentinian restaurant, or a pizza – it will be her choice.  Here is my list of 14 Most Romantic Restaurants in Los Cabos, if you need some help in choosing where to go.

5. A present

I love to surprise my mom with a small but significant present or souvenir from Los Cabos.  Here in Los Cabos you can find unique pieces of Mexican art, handcrafts, silver, or any other item that will make her remember how you organized this day for her forever.

Whatever you do on Mother’s Day, be it spending a quality time with her at home, taking her for a walk on the beach (or park), a spa day, or anything else, show your mom how much you love her!

For more vacation ideas and other Los Cabos travel tips, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com, or visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com for Los Cabos vacation rental recommendations.


Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and although it is somewhat known as the “St. Patrick’s Day of Mexico”, there is more to Cinco de Mayo than just tequila, cervezas, guacamole and fiesta!  We don’t say no to any reason to celebrate, but before we head off to make a pitcher of margaritas, we’d like to tell you a little bit of the story of this important date in Mexican history, which is often misunderstood as Mexico’s Independence Day (which we widely celebrate on September 16th).

The Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) in Mexico is a holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, a big success for our country, which took place on May 5, 1862.  Everything started in 1861, France sent a massive army to invade Mexico, trying to collect on some war debts.  As expected, the French army was much larger, experienced and better equipped than Mexicans soldiers.  French troops reached Puebla (a town near Mexico City), where they were surprised by Mexicans, who struggled to defend their nation and made a valiant stand, and against every logistics, they defeated and won against the French army.  One year later the French army regrouped and continued their effort to conquer, eventually taking over Mexico City; but the gratification of an unlikely victory against the odds is what Mexicans remember every May fift.

Nowadays, while the entire Mexico remembers and celebrates this victory, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated mostly in Puebla, where the battle took place, and where they organize big festivals, with lots of traditional Mexican food and Mariachi, it’s a big party!  But it’s more about celebrating the rich Mexican culture than remembering the big battle.

For some reason, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico, and it’s celebrated with the best traditions of Mexico, yes we are talking about the delicious food like the famous guacamole, burritos, tequila, margaritas, piñatas, papel picado and other decorations and anything you love about Mexico’s culture.

Cinco de Mayo is a good excuse to celebrate the rich culture of Mexico and our beautiful traditions.  As we like to say in Mexico, there’s always something worth celebrating!  If you are planning a Cinco de Mayo celebration, or any other Mexico inspired fiesta, here are a couple of food & cocktail recipes from our library:
– Cabo Wabo Margarita recipe,
– Passion Fruit & Mango Spicy Margarita recipe
– Mango Margarita recipe
Ojo Rojo Mixed Seafood Ceviche recipe,
Guacamole recipe, and
Baja style fish tacos recipe.

For more Mexico traditions, vacation ideas and other Los Cabos travel tips, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com, or visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com for Los Cabos vacation rental recommendations.


Baja Events Calendar, April to June

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If you’re looking for a good excuse to come and enjoy the fun in Los Cabos, check out our list of events ahead in Cabo and Baja Sur, there’s something for everyone, from food and wine festivals, beach parties, golf and fishing tournaments, and more?

Year by year these events are getting bigger and better, and this year is not an exception. Our Baja events calendar from April to June 2015 is better than ever, with some surprise guests and special parties so you can have a lot of fun on your vacations! So check out the list below and mark favorites on your calendar, so you don’t miss to attend them when you are in Baja.

Paws’n Clows, Los Cabos, April 12

This year Paws’n Claws celebrated their 10th anniversary!  And while this event already happened, you can bookmark it on your calendars around same dates for the next year!  Paws’n Claws is a fantastic opportunity to have fun and do good, all at the same time!  The Los Cabos Human Society’s Annual Paws’n Claws is an Annual Open Golf Tournament & dinner at the Palmilla Golf Club.  This year’s event ended with a delightful dinner, and this year Chef Tadd Chapman was in charge of it at the Don Sanchez Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. Find out more here 

GastroVino, Baja Food and Wine Festival, Todos Santos, April 24-26

The 4th Annual Gastrovino Festival will be held from April 24 to 26.  This will be a very complete weekend for the food and wine lovers, hosted in the Magical Town of Todos Santos. During this delicious festival you will have the chance to try the best cuisine of Baja California Sur and a great selection of Mexican wines. You will be fascinated by the local cuisine hosted by the best chefs of the area. All benefits of this year silent auction will be for Hogar del Nino and DIF Todos Santos charity associations. Find out more here

Cabo Marine Show 2015, 6th anniversary, Los Cabos May 14-16

The best yacht and marine expo in Los Cabos is celebrating its 6th anniversary!  The Cabo Marine Show 2015, starting Thursday, May 14, through Saturday, May 16, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily at Docks L-M-N of the IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas. You can check a wide participation of exhibitors and suppliers for the marine industry in Mexico. This year, the show welcomes CABO SUP, which will participate at the Cabo Marine Show this May with a stand-up paddle demonstration. Stop by to sign up for tours and to get exclusive discounts!  More info here.

3rd Gastronomic Festival of Chocolate Clam, Loreto, May 30

During the last 3 years, the Magical Town of Loreto has been the host of the Gastronomic Festival of Chocolate Clam where this particular sea food of the Sea of Cortez, is celebrated with all the honors and festivities!  At the festival you can try all kind of dishes from the best local and regional restaurants with Chocolate Clam as the main ingredient, famous for this region. This delicious and very unique gastronomic festival honors the traditional “Almeja Tatemada” (roasted clams) ritual with an especial presentation of how the roast is made.

Photo by Gerardo Montaño.

Los Cabos Open of Surf, Los Cabos, June 9

For an entire week, Los Cabos turns into the most popular Mexican surf destination thanks to the international surf championship Los Cabos Open of Surf, the largest surf and music festival in the sport’s history in Mexico. This annual event includes an amazing list of activities like the exciting surf competitions, beach concerts with international artists and DJ’s, a food fair showcasing the best local cuisine and some fashion shows with surf’s top brands.  Beginning in 2013, The Los Cabos Open of Surf started as an ASP 6-Star Men’s event, and in 2014, it became the first Women’s ASP 6-Star competition in Mexico.  In 2015, The Los Cabos Open Of Surf will be a WSL Women’s QS6000, as well as a WSL Men’s and Women’s Pro Junior Event. Last year we were swooning by watching how the best surfers in the world surf Los Cabos waves, and we even meet some of them in person, like for example: Alana Blanchard, Anastasia Ashley, Coco Ho, Sage Erickson, Laura Enever, Pauline Ado, Mahina Maeda, Lakey Peterson, Josh Kerr, the Gadauskas brothers, and many more top surfers.   More info here, photos from Los Cabos Open of Surf 2014 here.

Stars and Stripes Tournament, Los Cabos June 25-28

The Stars & Stripes Tournament has some of the most fun and exciting activities in Los Cabos, fishing, golf and music festival. From the past 18 years, this world-class charity fundraiser, has raised and donated more than $20 million to worthy youth charities. Every year this tournament combines spectacular deep sea fishing and the best of golf in Mexico.  In addition to that this year the musical part will be headlined from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sammy Hagar at their famed dinner on Saturday, June 27. More info here.

For more events, vacation ideas and other Los Cabos travel tips, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com.


Farm To Table Restaurants in Baja Sur

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In the past few years we are giving more importance to the way we eat and the products we are consuming, some people (including myself) are taking more care of this fact, keeping in mind the nutrition and the most important thing, the freshness of the products.

Los Cabos and Baja form an important part of the farm to table trend, where we tend to eat healthy, organic and fresh produce.  In Baja you can have the opportunity to enjoy the real taste of organic products right at your table.  In this article we have chosen the best restaurants with their own organic farms in Cabo plus their extraordinary cuisine, so you can enjoy their “farm to the table” experience, their freshness and authentic flavors in every bite.  We have pointed out 5 things we like about each place, what makes it so special and why you should visit it.

Huerta Los Tamarindos


Just a mile from the Sea of Cortez in San Jose del Cabo is located Huerta Los Tamarindos, a certified organic farm.  You will love this place for the delicious specialties of the chef and the amazing views from anywhere you look.

5 things we like about Huerta Los Tamarindos experience:

  • Amazing views of the natural surroundings and the farm during daytime, and at night and you can have the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • You can enjoy a guided tour through their farm, learn a little more about the process of organic farming and their locally grown products.
  • The staff and their great service makes it a very complete restaurant, plus the personal attention of the chef.
  • The incredible taste of the fresh food with a wide variety of styles and combinations that fits just perfect.
  • You can schedule a Cooking Class if you would like to expand your culinary skills, this is a good thing that you can’t miss.

More info about Huerta Los Tamarindos on their website here.

Flora’s Farm


Famous for their beautiful farm, their amazing kitchen and their fresh products, a visit to Flora’s Farm will make it a very special, delicious and even romantic experience.  A must visit during your stay in Cabo.

5 things we like about the Flora’s Farm experience:

  • You can enjoy the whole package, incredible atmosphere, beautiful restaurant, delicious food, exotic drinks and great service!
  • The design of the areas are just perfect, the lighting, the setting and the details in every corner. If it’s your first time here this place will leave you speechless.
  • A very complete menu, from delicious pizzas and salads to perfect meat or chicken dishes, there’s something delicious for everybody.
  • The drinks, a perfect twist of the conventional cocktails with some of their farm products, discover new flavors like the Mezcal Margarita.
  • You can buy their products, like the organic veggies and fruits, homemade bread and other handcrafted products.

More about Flora’s Farm on their website here.

The Garden at Rancho Pescadero


Very unique and all locally grown styled restaurant at Rancho Pescadero resort, enjoy their traditional menu with fresh ingredients of their garden, plus a nice location right in one of the beautiful oases in Baja.

5 things we like about The Garden experience:

  • Everybody who came here resumes their experience as magical, this place promises more than just delicious food.
  • The oasis where this extraordinary place is immersed makes it a really quiet place, perfect to release away any stress and enjoy a great time.
  • The menu is very traditional but with the perfect touch of ingredients it makes it take a whole new level of flavor.
  • The service is very special, the staff always gives you a very warm and cozy welcome.
  • Perfect place to have a great night with live music events, plus enjoy a perfect moon view and a sky full of stars.

More info about The Garden here.

Hierbabuena Restaurant in El Pescadero


A few minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. Their menu is always focus in the nutritional value of the ingredients in every dish, also it changes often thanks to the variety of their harvest in the organic gardens.

5 things we like about Hierbabuena Restaurant experience:

  • Simple dishes with extraordinary taste, thanks to the fresh products of their garden.
  • The beautiful vibe that you’ll feel right when you put a feet on this place, perfect harmony with nature and the surroundings, also from here you can always have a beautiful sunset view.
  • This restaurant is located in a big opened air space, also with a great staff and personal service.
  • The atmosphere mixed with the gardens makes a very comfy place, you will feel a little more close with nature.
  •  The location makes it a quiet and really cute restaurant to enjoy delicious food away from the crowds, great to relax and enjoy a nice time.

More info about Hierbabuena restaurant here.

Header photo: LA76 Photography. Restaurant photos: from each respective restaurant.


8 Baja Beaches Off the Beaten Path

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Looking for your next adventure?  We take you to explore Baja’s best kept secrets!  Baja’s beaches are one of the most beautiful sites around here, famous by their location, the colors and the activities!  There are infinite beaches to discover in Baja, perfect for a getaway, disconnect or relax; like we always say, every beach here has something that makes it unique.  Today, we take you to discover some of the best Baja Beaches Off The Beaten Path.

Perfect beaches for get some rest and leave behind all the crowds, beaches full of nature and experiences, they are ideal to enjoy a more private and quiet beach day in this exceptional places, have a nice walk across the beach for miles and miles.  Check out our very special selection of beaches and don’t worry, we’ll be your personal guide on this adventure!

1. San Pedro de Las Palmas


Photo by Romana Lilic, @romanalilic on Instagram

If you’re around Todos Santos area, you’ll easily see the amazing ocean views from any rooftop in town.  The beach we love in this area the most, is San Pedro de Las Palmas, a beautiful beach with spectacular landscapes.  To get here you have to take a tiny road off the highway just a couple of minutes from the Todos Santos town.  The dirt road, surrounded by desert plants like cactus and cardones, will lead you to a true paradise!  The beach is swimmable, we love the  estuary, palm trees and beautiful horses.

Photo source.

2. Ensenada Grande Beach

Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida

Possibly one of the most magical places at the Sea of Cortez, Ensenada Grande beach is located on Partida Island, which is connected with Espiritu Santo Island; this hidden treasure was voted as “The Most Beautiful Beach in Mexico” by The Travel Magazine and of the top 12 beaches in the world.  This particular beach is considered as one “natural pool” because of the peaceful waves that bath with the white sand, and it’s therefore perfect for swimming.  Kayak is also a great experience here thanks to the spectacular landscapes and the natural rock formations.

Photo source.

3. Rancho Punta San Cristobal


Photo by Gerardo Montaño on 500px

Located at Km 111, between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, this is a unique place because of the 6 km protected beaches; and more from July to February, because here is like a little Turtle Sanctuary because of the conservation program of this species and the environmental education programs.  If you’re lucky you can help with a turtle release.  The beautiful fine sand and the amazing turquoise colors of the waves will amaze you, this place is perfect for a family day, don’t forget your beach umbrella and sunscreen!

Photo source.

4. Puerto Agua Verde

Have you heard about how extraordinary of Loreto is?  Well, just 15 km driving from Loreto is located Puerto Agua Verde, with amazing natural beauty!  Some people call this place  a natural aquarium because of its stunning and bright green tone waters.  From the beach you can easily watch mobulas emerging from the sea surface, it’s an amazing natural spectacle!  This small bay is perfect for kayak, snorkel and camping, so whether if you’re looking for a fun activity or an entire day full of adventure, you have plenty to choose here!

Photo source.

5. La Ribera

A little fishing village located at the East Cape, here you will enjoy the beauty and the peace of a walk down the white sand beach at the Sea of Cortez, away from any preoccupation.  The calm sea makes it perfect to have fun with some eco-activities like kayak, stand up paddle and swimming.  This is also a great place to enjoy the best of sport fishing thanks to the abundance and the wide variety of species you can find here.

Photo source.

6. La Curva


A little “hard to find” beach but with a great adventure, there’s this beautiful beach known by locals as “La Curva” (The Curve), called that way by the formation of the road when you are about to get there.  Located at Km 94 from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos, with a dirt road at the bottom of an arroyo, you proceed to the Pacific and will find this amazing and well kept secret spot for surfers!  This is a quiet beach with good waves and perfect ocean views!  So if you’re looking for a new and special place for surf, you have to discover this exceptional place, La Curva!

Photo source.

7. Honeymoon Cove


Another special spot at the Sea of Cortez is the Honeymoon Cove in Danzante Island, just 22 km from Loreto; which is part of the Loreto Bay National Park, a protected area since 1996.  Some people say that Honeymoon Cove is the most beautiful cove in the Sea of Cortez, and we can easily see why is that; here you can enjoy snorkel to the fullest thanks to the clarity of the crystal clear waters that surround the island, and for more adventurers you can take a hike and admire the amazing surrounding mountains!

Photo source.

8. La Ventana


Just 35 minutes driving from La Paz, La Ventana is a small and very special fishing village at the Sea of Cortez.  We have selected this place because of the beautiful bay and the different beaches you can find here.  Thanks to the tranquility of this place you can camp and enjoy pure nature; and from November to March when the winds convert this quaint beach village into a kite surfer’s paradise!

Photo source.

For more beach recommendations please see our article on our favorite beaches in San Jose del Cabo, and our top beaches in Cabo San Lucas.  For more recommendations and vacation ideas in Los Cabos, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com.

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Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Los Cabos

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Mexico’s gastronomy has been considered part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity for a good reason.  Baja is a lucky place thanks to its location, we enjoy  fresh seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits and other regional ingredients.  The chance to enjoy the good taste of Los Cabos is infinite with all kind of smells and flavors, that’s why dining out here is always a treat!

We like to start our days well, full of energy and the best way do it is with a good breakfast.  There are so many great restaurants in Los Cabos, but to make the list short, we have chosen just some of our favorite places where we like to enjoy the most important meal of the day, and we are not talking just about coffee.  Enjoy!

Where to get the best breakfast in Los Cabos:

Cabo San Lucas

1. The Office


What could be more perfect than starting your day at the beach?  Located in El Medano Beach, The Office offers a special breakfast menu, which offers a variety of dishes to choose from: from classic omelettes and more specials like the lobster or shrimp omelette (a delight from the area); to Mexican dishes like burritos and chilaquiles (my favorites!), so you can taste a little bit more of the gastronomy of Baja and Mexico.  Opening at 7:00 am, More info here.

2. Señor Sweets


The sweetest taste of Los Cabos plus an excellent view, mix all this and you will enjoy Señor Sweets.  Located at the marina of Cabo San Lucas, here you can enjoy traditional breakfasts, but if you’re looking for something sweet, you have to try the delicious flavors of pancakes.  Add to your breakfast some of the delicious milkshakes or a good coffee too.  Opening at 7:30 am, More info here.

3. Bar La Esquina


With a delicious menu, Bar La Esquina located at The Bahia Hotel is one of the most favorite places for locals and tourists.  Enjoy an excellent atmosphere everyday with the beach just across the street.  Also you can enjoy a healthy breakfast thanks to the products from organic and local farms and their good selection of coffee for all tastes.  Opening at 8:00 am, More info here.

 4. Captain Tony’s


Another delicious spot at the marina of Cabo San Lucas, we love Captain Tony’s because every day of the week you can enjoy a new breakfast special, also there is a regular breakfast menu with great Mexican food, perfect for all tastes.  Besides, at Captain Tony’s you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and enjoy people and yachts watching at the marina! Opening at 6 am, More info here.

5. Casasola Cafe


Come and enjoy the delicious taste of Casasola Cafe located in Cabo San Lucas downtown.  This delicious corner makes breakfast take a whole new level with the variation of different types of dishes and coffee you can try  here. Enjoy a healthy breakfast with the wide variety of natural juices and smoothies!  Opening at 7:00 am, More info here.

San Jose del Cabo

1. La Panaderia


Newly opened, La Panaderia has a whole new style of healthy breakfast, try their wide variety of home made breads and pastry and the delicious breakfast menu with pure natural ingredients, like their homemade granola or the delicious chia pudding, accompanied with natural juices.  We invite you to try this new experience, from Monday to Saturday, opening at 8:00 am, More info here.

2. French Riviera Bistro & Bakery


French food lovers, this is the perfect place for you!  Transport yourself to France without traveling, and enjoy a wide variety of delicious french style pastry like these delicious croissants, crepes, and other delicacies.  At The French Riviera you can enjoy all kind of flavors you can imagine. Opening at 7:00 am, More info here.

3. Tropicana Inn


Since 1985, Tropicana Inn has been one of the most sought after places in San Jose del Cabo to enjoy a delicious morning, be amazed by the Mexican delights of this places located right at the Historical Downtown.  Open daily starting at 7:00am, also enjoy the Sunday Brunch from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, More info here.

4. Flora’s Farm


A place that promises a very delicious experience, famous by using products of their own farm that guarantee the best taste of any of their dishes.  Open from Tuesday through Sunday, you can enjoy their breakfast table from 9 am to 11 am and their super delicious Sunday Brunch from 10 am to 2:30 pm, More info here.

5. Cream Café


With a classic and well designed “deli” style atmosphere, Cream Café is the perfect and delicious way to start your day.  If you’re a coffee lover, your needs will be satisfied, we recommend you try their famous art latte.  But this is not just a place to enjoy coffee, Cream Cafe also have some different kinds of breakfast, like pancakes and waffles so you can start your day right!  Opening at 7:00 am, More info here.

Which is your favorite place to have a breakfast in Los Cabos?  If you are planing your Los Cabos vacation and would like to get more information on specials and packages, please contact us at info@luxuryvillacollections.com.  We’d be happy to organize an unforgettable Los Cabos vacation for you.


5 Los Cabos Spas with Ocean Views

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There’s probably no better place to get some quality relax & recharge time than in Los Cabos.  And even if you’ve come for an adventure, you can give yourself a break and satisfy your resting needs.  Los Cabos has a wide variety of wellness centers and spas, but here are our favorites – we especially love them because you can enjoy the ocean views while having your treatment.

Have the most pampering spa experience while you appreciate the beauty of the sea, the bright blue colors and a beautiful sunny day.  Here are our favorite 5 Los Cabos Spas with Ocean Views, so you can enjoy the best of this paradise while you rest and find your inner peace.

1.  Luna y Mar Spa at Resort at Pedregal


This may be one of the most beautiful places to make the most of your Cabo San Lucas getaway, have the best relaxing experience surrounded with an special and well designed atmosphere.  Enjoy unique and personalized treatments and feel revitalizing while admiring the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean.  More info here.

2.  The Spa at Pedregal


Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy the best relaxing experience?  With a privileged location The Spa at Pedregal has the most relaxing massages, all kind of facials and body treatments for you.  In addition to all of this you can also enjoy a pool area and a gym conditioning to make the most of your wellness retreat.  Also you’ll be appreciating the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. More info here.

3.  Spa at Hacienda Encantada


The place where you can forget about everything; come and feel the pleasure of a full relaxation time with the best massages and holistic treatments.  Here you will enjoy the comfort at it best, thanks to Hacienda Encantada location you’ll enjoy a nice day spa with a complete view to the Land’s End landmark and nothing more than hear the sound of the waves!  More info here.

4.  Renacimiento Spa at the Beach Club of Guaycura Hotel


Just a few minutes from Cabo San Lucas you can enjoy Renacimiento Spa at the Beach Club of Guaycura Hotel.  Located at a private beach, here you will enjoy pure silence and nothing else than the sound of the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Relax with a variety of massages and facials and feel renovated in this little paradise.  More info here.

5. Spa in Your Villa


If you wish a relaxing day and a pampering spa treatment, but don’t feel like living your villa, we can organize a private in-villa spa experience for you.  Be it for you only, or for a group of family or friends, our expert spa team will create a relaxing ambiance and provide professional services, from spa to salon and beauty needs.  More info here.

Which is your favorite spa in Los Cabos or Baja?  If you are interested in spa or wellness centres and packages, pleas contact us at info@luxuryvillacollections.com.  We’d be happy to organize a relaxing Los Cabos spa & wellness experience for you, and arrange any Los Cabos vacation rentals.