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Baby Turtle Release Experience in Baja

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If you’ve been to Baja, you know that this is truly one of a kind place with stunning nature. We look forward to seasonal visitors like Gray Whales who travel from the polar north to the warm waters of the Pacific every year during winter. We welcome nomad birds that visit the peninsula to rest from long journeys, whale sharks and of course, Sea Turtles. These legendary reptiles visit Baja’s coasts regularly to nest and lay their eggs on several beaches of the region. If you are in Baja between August and November, you might participate at the baby turtle release as well. We participated in one of such releases in Todos Santos, and here is some more from our experience.


There are seven species of sea turtles, and six of these arrive to lay eggs each year on beaches across Mexico. The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and the Leatherback Sea Turtle are the only two species that lay their eggs on Baja’s coasts where every turtle’s nest may contain up to 200 eggs!

The most amazing thing is that after traveling around the world the female turtles return to the precise location where they were born to lay their eggs. This journey is a very important part of their life, and that’s the reason for special associations in Los Cabos who work to save and preserve the beaches and turtle’s nests from predators to ensure the reproduction of these beautiful reptiles.


One of the most important association in Los Cabos is ASUPMATOMA A.C., a non-profit association located on Rancho Punta San Cristobal, located between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos highway, where they protect 4.5 km of the beach from July to December to investigate and protect sea turtles. Over the past 17 years, ASUPMATOMA has achieved to collect and rescue 7,000 sea turtles nests and release more than 560,000 baby turtles, promoting the ambient culture of preserving these magnificent reptiles.

The baby turtle release experience
ASUPMATOMA team constantly invite locals and tourist to experience this one of a kind experience, where you can help baby turtles reach the beach and begin their life journey by the sea. In the beginning, the team will give you the welcome to Rancho Punta San Cristobal with a brief explanation, the most important info and what you have to know about sea turtles and their nests and how they work to help preserve turtle eggs.


If you would like to participate, you can help!  They will teach you how to help baby turtles to leave the nest. With a brief class and special care, you can dig into the nest and help baby turtles to reach the surface. After finishing this activity, you will help them to reach the beach and wait for the waves to make the rest of the job and to take them to their new home, the sea.

Most of this happens in the afternoon, and the turtle release has to be at sunset, because the heat and sunlight can dehydrate them and cause injuries on the baby turtles.


What you have to know:
– In Mexico, it’s a federal crime if you manipulate sea turtles and turtle eggs, if you see one, you can pass the information to authorities or associations in charge.
– It’s an important thing if you find a nest or a baby turtle by the beach, alert people who work on this projects and help supervise that it reaches the waves.
– Don’t touch or grab baby turtles with your hands, you can affect them, and they can pass their bacteria to you.
– If you help on a Turtle Release activity, you can take pictures but don’t use the flash on your camera or phone, because the light can hurt them or distract them.
– It’s important that baby turtles reach the sea by themselves, this way they will start their journey of life.

Baby turtle release to the ocean is such a beautiful experience that must be on every traveler’s bucket list! If you want to live it during you vacation days in Cabo San Lucas, we can help you and organize a visit to Rancho Punta San Cristobal and help ASUPMATOMA in this great cause preserving turtle nests in Baja California Sur, they will appreciate your help, and you will take home the unforgettable memories.

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