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12 Hours in La Paz, Mexico

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Wondering what else can you discover during your vacation in Los Cabos?  We recommend a day trip to La Paz, a beautiful coastal Baja town.  La Paz is famous for the turquoise color and tranquility of the water that surrounds it.  The admiring crystal clear waters make it a natural beauty worth of discovering, a perfect place to fully relax and enjoy all kind of water activities.


La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur, located just 2 hours from Cabo San Lucas.  It’s a complete travel experience full of adventure and culture for travelers who seek peace and tranquility on their vacation and would like to explore another side of Mexican culture.  La Paz is positioned in a bay of the Sea of Cortez, full of amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, and colorful sunsets.


Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez the “World’s Aquarium“, thanks to the wide range of marine animal species that live in it.  It is considered one of the five largest marine ecosystems of highest productivity and biological diversity in the world.


A scenic drive from Cabo San Lucas to the North, taking the main road from the tip of the Baja driving along the Pacific Ocean, this is an extraordinary road trip that we always enjoy.  You will be amazed by the powerful contrast between the sea, the desert and lush oases, just some of the extraordinary things in Baja that never cease to amaze us.


What you can’t miss in La Paz:

  • Visit one of the beautiful beaches of La Paz, recognized by its calm and bright colors.  The most popular are Balandra Bay (my favorite), El Caimancito, El Tesoro, Pichilingue, and Tecolote.  Balandra is a stunning and peaceful bay with fine white sand, famous for the turquoise waters and the “Mushroom stone”.  Thanks to its calm sea, this place is perfect to practice stand-up paddle and kayak.
  • A walk on the popular boardwalk “Malecon”.  The 5 km long El Malecon is a favorite place for locals and visitors alike, great for long sunset walks by the sea, bicycling, roller-blading and other recreational activities.  A boardwalk is full of local restaurants, bars, shops, parks and beautiful art sculptures; you can enjoy a delicious ice cream, or a “raspado” a typical Mexican treat.
  • Local restaurants.  You have to try some of the local food and live the experience of flavors.  La Paz is a place full of traditional Mexican food places and famous for their seafood dishes, like fish tacos, sashimi, clams and more.  Some of our favorite restaurants are: Nim, Azul Marino, Buffalo BBQ, El Rancho Viejo, Tres Virgenes, El Bismarkcito and some others.
  • Visit a cultural and/or historic place.  For travelers seeking to learn more about the town, we recommend a visit to the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Our Lady of La Paz Cathedral), an important part of Mexico’s history.  It was founded in 1720 as La Paz de Airapi Mission marking the work of evangelization developed during the era of New Spain.
  • Enjoy the sunset.  La Paz is known as “The City of 365 sunsets”, so don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy at least one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.  The boardwalk makes it a perfect spot to admire this natural spectacle full of natural lights and colors.

After a lovely beach day and a perfect evening delighting in local cuisine, it’s time to go back to Cabo, where your private villa is waiting for you.

For more Baja travel tips, transportation and vacation ideas, don’t hesitate to send us an email to  info@luxuryvillacollections.com, or visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com for Los Cabos vacation rental recommendations.

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