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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Los Cabos

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Mother’s Day is one of the most sacred days on the Mexican calendar.  Motherhood is highly esteemed in Mexican culture, and as the Virgin Mary is the role model of motherhood, the mother is treated as a goddess.  That’s why you will see that Mother’s Day and the celebration of moms is very important to us in Mexico.  Although the tradition of this holiday is different from the one in the United States, Canada, and world-wide, we should celebrate moms not just on Mother’s Day, but any day.

If you happen to be in Los Cabos during Mother’s Day, (which in Mexico is every year on May 10th), or if you come to visit us with your mom any other time of year, here are some ideas how to celebrate your mom and make her feel special and pampered.  I am planning a cozy and relaxing day with my mom this year, so here’s what I have planned so far (but we’ll just go with a flow):

1. Breakfast


They say “Breakfast like a king”, so I’m planning a queen-worthy breakfast for my mom, and the entire family will help me realise it.  There are several options for a delicious breakfast in Los Cabos, and many restaurants will organize Mother’s Day brunch.  You can take your mom out for breakfast (see our recommendations for Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Los Cabos here.); you can have a private chef prepare a breakfast at your home or garden; or you, your brothers and sisters and the rest of the family can each help and prepare a delicious treat for your mom.

2. Beach day & picnic on the beach

After a delicious start of the day, we’re planning to pack our bags and head to the beach.  I’m thinking she’d love a relaxing day and reading a book, but we might change our minds as well and opt in for some kayaking and snorkeling.  I want to take her to one of my favorite beaches in San Jose del Cabo (if you prefer Cabo, here are some of my favorites as well).  Because we’ll have queen-worthy breakfast, I’m planning a light picnic, for which I’ll buy ingredients at the organic market on Saturday morning.

3. Spa afternoon


After a day full of fun and sun, I want to take my mom for a spa treatment.  Even though I know she dreams of going to a spa often, she would never go to a spa herself.  There are several Los Cabos spas with beautiful ocean views, and I think she would love to have the treatment with the calming view to the ocean and listening to the waves.

4. Family dinner

To wrap up the day, we’re planning a family dinner in honor of our mom.  I really want her to feel special and honored on her day, and the entire family will get dressed up and organize a dinner for her.  We might take her for some delicious seafood, Mexican or Argentinian restaurant, or a pizza – it will be her choice.  Here is my list of 14 Most Romantic Restaurants in Los Cabos, if you need some help in choosing where to go.

5. A present

I love to surprise my mom with a small but significant present or souvenir from Los Cabos.  Here in Los Cabos you can find unique pieces of Mexican art, handcrafts, silver, or any other item that will make her remember how you organized this day for her forever.

Whatever you do on Mother’s Day, be it spending a quality time with her at home, taking her for a walk on the beach (or park), a spa day, or anything else, show your mom how much you love her!

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