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Farm To Table Restaurants in Baja Sur

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In the past few years we are giving more importance to the way we eat and the products we are consuming, some people (including myself) are taking more care of this fact, keeping in mind the nutrition and the most important thing, the freshness of the products.

Los Cabos and Baja form an important part of the farm to table trend, where we tend to eat healthy, organic and fresh produce.  In Baja you can have the opportunity to enjoy the real taste of organic products right at your table.  In this article we have chosen the best restaurants with their own organic farms in Cabo plus their extraordinary cuisine, so you can enjoy their “farm to the table” experience, their freshness and authentic flavors in every bite.  We have pointed out 5 things we like about each place, what makes it so special and why you should visit it.

Huerta Los Tamarindos


Just a mile from the Sea of Cortez in San Jose del Cabo is located Huerta Los Tamarindos, a certified organic farm.  You will love this place for the delicious specialties of the chef and the amazing views from anywhere you look.

5 things we like about Huerta Los Tamarindos experience:

  • Amazing views of the natural surroundings and the farm during daytime, and at night and you can have the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • You can enjoy a guided tour through their farm, learn a little more about the process of organic farming and their locally grown products.
  • The staff and their great service makes it a very complete restaurant, plus the personal attention of the chef.
  • The incredible taste of the fresh food with a wide variety of styles and combinations that fits just perfect.
  • You can schedule a Cooking Class if you would like to expand your culinary skills, this is a good thing that you can’t miss.

More info about Huerta Los Tamarindos on their website here.

Flora’s Farm


Famous for their beautiful farm, their amazing kitchen and their fresh products, a visit to Flora’s Farm will make it a very special, delicious and even romantic experience.  A must visit during your stay in Cabo.

5 things we like about the Flora’s Farm experience:

  • You can enjoy the whole package, incredible atmosphere, beautiful restaurant, delicious food, exotic drinks and great service!
  • The design of the areas are just perfect, the lighting, the setting and the details in every corner. If it’s your first time here this place will leave you speechless.
  • A very complete menu, from delicious pizzas and salads to perfect meat or chicken dishes, there’s something delicious for everybody.
  • The drinks, a perfect twist of the conventional cocktails with some of their farm products, discover new flavors like the Mezcal Margarita.
  • You can buy their products, like the organic veggies and fruits, homemade bread and other handcrafted products.

More about Flora’s Farm on their website here.

The Garden at Rancho Pescadero


Very unique and all locally grown styled restaurant at Rancho Pescadero resort, enjoy their traditional menu with fresh ingredients of their garden, plus a nice location right in one of the beautiful oases in Baja.

5 things we like about The Garden experience:

  • Everybody who came here resumes their experience as magical, this place promises more than just delicious food.
  • The oasis where this extraordinary place is immersed makes it a really quiet place, perfect to release away any stress and enjoy a great time.
  • The menu is very traditional but with the perfect touch of ingredients it makes it take a whole new level of flavor.
  • The service is very special, the staff always gives you a very warm and cozy welcome.
  • Perfect place to have a great night with live music events, plus enjoy a perfect moon view and a sky full of stars.

More info about The Garden here.

Hierbabuena Restaurant in El Pescadero


A few minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. Their menu is always focus in the nutritional value of the ingredients in every dish, also it changes often thanks to the variety of their harvest in the organic gardens.

5 things we like about Hierbabuena Restaurant experience:

  • Simple dishes with extraordinary taste, thanks to the fresh products of their garden.
  • The beautiful vibe that you’ll feel right when you put a feet on this place, perfect harmony with nature and the surroundings, also from here you can always have a beautiful sunset view.
  • This restaurant is located in a big opened air space, also with a great staff and personal service.
  • The atmosphere mixed with the gardens makes a very comfy place, you will feel a little more close with nature.
  •  The location makes it a quiet and really cute restaurant to enjoy delicious food away from the crowds, great to relax and enjoy a nice time.

More info about Hierbabuena restaurant here.

Header photo: LA76 Photography. Restaurant photos: from each respective restaurant.

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