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8 Baja Beaches Off the Beaten Path

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Looking for your next adventure?  We take you to explore Baja’s best kept secrets!  Baja’s beaches are one of the most beautiful sites around here, famous by their location, the colors and the activities!  There are infinite beaches to discover in Baja, perfect for a getaway, disconnect or relax; like we always say, every beach here has something that makes it unique.  Today, we take you to discover some of the best Baja Beaches Off The Beaten Path.

Perfect beaches for get some rest and leave behind all the crowds, beaches full of nature and experiences, they are ideal to enjoy a more private and quiet beach day in this exceptional places, have a nice walk across the beach for miles and miles.  Check out our very special selection of beaches and don’t worry, we’ll be your personal guide on this adventure!

1. San Pedro de Las Palmas


Photo by Romana Lilic, @romanalilic on Instagram

If you’re around Todos Santos area, you’ll easily see the amazing ocean views from any rooftop in town.  The beach we love in this area the most, is San Pedro de Las Palmas, a beautiful beach with spectacular landscapes.  To get here you have to take a tiny road off the highway just a couple of minutes from the Todos Santos town.  The dirt road, surrounded by desert plants like cactus and cardones, will lead you to a true paradise!  The beach is swimmable, we love the  estuary, palm trees and beautiful horses.

Photo source.

2. Ensenada Grande Beach

Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida

Possibly one of the most magical places at the Sea of Cortez, Ensenada Grande beach is located on Partida Island, which is connected with Espiritu Santo Island; this hidden treasure was voted as “The Most Beautiful Beach in Mexico” by The Travel Magazine and of the top 12 beaches in the world.  This particular beach is considered as one “natural pool” because of the peaceful waves that bath with the white sand, and it’s therefore perfect for swimming.  Kayak is also a great experience here thanks to the spectacular landscapes and the natural rock formations.

Photo source.

3. Rancho Punta San Cristobal


Photo by Gerardo Montaño on 500px

Located at Km 111, between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, this is a unique place because of the 6 km protected beaches; and more from July to February, because here is like a little Turtle Sanctuary because of the conservation program of this species and the environmental education programs.  If you’re lucky you can help with a turtle release.  The beautiful fine sand and the amazing turquoise colors of the waves will amaze you, this place is perfect for a family day, don’t forget your beach umbrella and sunscreen!

Photo source.

4. Puerto Agua Verde

Have you heard about how extraordinary of Loreto is?  Well, just 15 km driving from Loreto is located Puerto Agua Verde, with amazing natural beauty!  Some people call this place  a natural aquarium because of its stunning and bright green tone waters.  From the beach you can easily watch mobulas emerging from the sea surface, it’s an amazing natural spectacle!  This small bay is perfect for kayak, snorkel and camping, so whether if you’re looking for a fun activity or an entire day full of adventure, you have plenty to choose here!

Photo source.

5. La Ribera

A little fishing village located at the East Cape, here you will enjoy the beauty and the peace of a walk down the white sand beach at the Sea of Cortez, away from any preoccupation.  The calm sea makes it perfect to have fun with some eco-activities like kayak, stand up paddle and swimming.  This is also a great place to enjoy the best of sport fishing thanks to the abundance and the wide variety of species you can find here.

Photo source.

6. La Curva


A little “hard to find” beach but with a great adventure, there’s this beautiful beach known by locals as “La Curva” (The Curve), called that way by the formation of the road when you are about to get there.  Located at Km 94 from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos, with a dirt road at the bottom of an arroyo, you proceed to the Pacific and will find this amazing and well kept secret spot for surfers!  This is a quiet beach with good waves and perfect ocean views!  So if you’re looking for a new and special place for surf, you have to discover this exceptional place, La Curva!

Photo source.

7. Honeymoon Cove


Another special spot at the Sea of Cortez is the Honeymoon Cove in Danzante Island, just 22 km from Loreto; which is part of the Loreto Bay National Park, a protected area since 1996.  Some people say that Honeymoon Cove is the most beautiful cove in the Sea of Cortez, and we can easily see why is that; here you can enjoy snorkel to the fullest thanks to the clarity of the crystal clear waters that surround the island, and for more adventurers you can take a hike and admire the amazing surrounding mountains!

Photo source.

8. La Ventana


Just 35 minutes driving from La Paz, La Ventana is a small and very special fishing village at the Sea of Cortez.  We have selected this place because of the beautiful bay and the different beaches you can find here.  Thanks to the tranquility of this place you can camp and enjoy pure nature; and from November to March when the winds convert this quaint beach village into a kite surfer’s paradise!

Photo source.

For more beach recommendations please see our article on our favorite beaches in San Jose del Cabo, and our top beaches in Cabo San Lucas.  For more recommendations and vacation ideas in Los Cabos, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com.

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