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7 Water Activities in Cabo San Lucas You Need to Try

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Located in a privileged place, Los Cabos is one of the most diverse destinations!  Here you can enjoy it all; from luxury resorts, elegant restaurants and amazing beaches and ecotourism adventures.  Named the “World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is the perfect setting to enjoy all kind of fun activities interacting with nature’s wildlife.

While visiting Los Cabos you will soon realize that having a nice day at the beach or enjoying a fun night on the town are not all that Los Cabos and Baja have to offer.  They say that you haven’t experienced Los Cabos fully until you have done an adventurous activity in (or on) the Sea of Cortez, so here are our recommendations of 7 Water Activities in Cabo San Lucas to make your bucket list while planning your days in our little paradise:

1. Jet Pack – Flyboard

Dare to live this one of a kind adventure that will make you feel like flying in the sky just like a superhero.  This is a really new kind of activity that you can enjoy at the Medano beach. If you’re an adventurer traveler or just looking for a totally new experience this is the one you should try; it is not as hard as it looks, and with some practice you’ll become a master of it!

2. Sea Trek

If you would like to discover the extraordinary underwater world of the Sea of Cortez, try Sea Trek!  With an special helmet powered with oxygen you’ll walk underwater, interact with fishes, and appreciate the underwater treasures of Los Cabos bay.  Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera.

3. SUP

cabo-sup-luxury-villa-collections Luxury Villa Collections team love doing Stand Up Paddle (SUP) before coming to work!

It is a super fun activity; I love it because you can paddle around admiring the stunning landscapes around you, and it’s a great exercise training your core and balance.

I love doing SUP at 7 am, and I am always amazed to observe the manta rays jumping out of the water, observing the fish swim by, and listening to the sea lions at the Land’s End.

My next challenge: SUP yoga!

4. Scuba Diving

Los Cabos is a very precious place for scuba diving experts, in our waters, this activity takes a whole new level.  Enjoy scuba diving at the Pelican Beach or near to the Land’s End area to see for yourself the famous sand waterfalls, or explore the Cabo Pulmo’s living coral reef (these are just some of our favorite scuba diving spots in Los Cabos and Baja, but there are many many more).  Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in scuba diving; there are some tour operators with training classes so you can prepare well before the real adventure!

5. Kayak

Enjoy a kayak tour paddling in the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez.  I love kayaking all the way to the popular landmark Land’s End and the Arch.  Don’t forget to put on sunscreen, bring a pair of sun glasses and a waterproof camera.

6. Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is one of the most popular and traditional activities of the region thanks to the abundance of marine life in all of Baja California Sur’s coastline.  Here you can test your fishing skills with all the different types of fishes that you can catch.  We recommend to go on early morning fishing trip, you’ll have plenty of time to catch fish before your return, plus you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise!

7. Snorkeling

Interact with the amazing living species in the Sea of Cortez.  Thanks to the crystal clear waters of Cabo, you can have the best experience in any place of your choice.  Pelicano beach, Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Bay are some of the best places to snorkel thanks to the diversity of colorful species that you can find in this places.  We recommend to do this activity when the sun is at its best.

What is your favorite water activity in Los Cabos or Baja?  If you are interested in participating at any of the mentioned activities, let us know at info@luxuryvillacollections.com.  We’d be happy to organize a trip for you, and arrange any Los Cabos vacation rentals.

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