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50 Shades of Blue in Baja, Mexico

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If you’re planning on visiting Los Cabos or any other destination in Baja, you probably already know the extraordinary site where this part of Mexico is located; exactly between the two seas, on one side you can enjoy the majestic and impressive Pacific Ocean, and on the right, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the Sea of Cortez.

Whether you’re taking a flight to get here or you have decided to go on a road trip through Baja peninsula, you can easily see what are we talking about with the “50 Shades of Blue”.  From the sky you will be amazed by the ocean and beaches ranging in all shades of blue that you can possibly imagine, and while traveling on the road you can admire the great contrast between the sea and the desert and Baja’s striking nature.  Whichever path you take to come to Baja, you will be able to enjoy stunning shades of blue from every angle, that how amazing it is!  We prepared a list of what might be some of the most spectacular beaches of Baja, chosen by their beauty, colors  and activities you can enjoy there, so here are our 50 Shades of Blue in Baja:

1. Chileno Bay


With a Blue flag International Certification, Chileno Bay is a “must visit” beach located in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos.  It’s one of our favorites with a large marine life that you can enjoy watching by simply swimming or looking down to the crystal clear waters of this beach.  Chileno Bay is perfect beach for swimming, snorkeling or just laying on the beach to enjoy a beautiful day.

2. Balandra Beach


Balandra is perhaps one of the most incredible beaches in La Paz and the most loved one among locals and visitors alike.  Balandra beach is famous for its white sand beach with a pure turquoise water, similar of what you can find in the Caribbean. It’s a perfect beach for relaxation or for enjoying any water activity like kayak, SUP or snorkeling in a more peaceful way.

3. Coronado Island


What make Coronado island so special besides its true natural beauty is the extraordinary location at the Loreto Bay National Marine Park.  From Loreto you can take a boat trip of your choice to get to the island and have the best day of your life!  Thanks to the clarity of the water you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling, and if you feel adventurous, you will enjoy exploring the landscapes covered by volcanic cacti, nearby rocky islet and many white sand beaches.

4. Cabo Pulmo


Located in the Baja’s East Cape, Cabo Pulmo is the perfect place to enjoy scuba diving, thanks to the magnificent living coral reef.  Cabo Pulmo is National Marine Park and a Protected Area, so here you can find miles and miles of beautiful beaches, and exploring the unspoilt nature.  We love it for snorkeling, diving and tranquility.  If you decide to stay over night and camp on the beach, you will be amazed by the magnificent starry sky.  Come and enjoy the peace and beauty of this place.

5. Conception Bay


Conception Bay is a spectacular site of Baja California Sur, known to many as a little paradise on Earth.  Located upstate, in Mulege, Conception bay  features the perfect contrast between the white sandy beach and the mountain range that surround this remarkable place, and makes it perfect to enjoy the calm waters.  It is truly one of the most stunning beaches in the Sea of Cortez, and definitely worth a visit, especially if you are doing a Baja road trip, or you are staying longer in the area.  Bahía Concepción features over 50 miles of beaches. Some of the more popular beaches include (from north to south) Playa Los Naranjos, Playa Punta Arena, Playa Santispac, Playa Escondida, Playa Los Cocos, Playa El Coyote, Playa Buenaventure, Playa El Requeson, Playa Armenta.

6. Cerritos Beach


A wonderful place located between the magical town of Todos Santos and bustling town of Cabo San Lucas, with an amazing view and natural setting at the Pacific Ocean, Cerritos Beach is every surfer’s paradise being the only swimmable beach on the Pacific.  It’s a perfect beach to enjoy some cool waves or just enjoy sunbathing, and spending time with family and friends.  The beach has an established restaurant where you can enjoy fresh food and drinks.

7. Espiritu Santo Island


Espíritu Santo island is one of the most amazing places of the Sea of Cortez.  You can reach it by taking a boat ride from La Paz (the closest beach to it is Tecolote beach).  The island is UNESCO protected and uninhabited island, with stunning landscapes and beaches that truly range in 50 or more shades of blue, from the turquoise to deep blue colors.  Enjoy an amazing experience of swimming with sea lions while you discover the rich underwater life!  From May to October you can camp on the island at the ecological camps, and truly disconnect and recharge.

8. Medano Beach


Medano is one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, located at the centre of Cabo and facing the popular landmark Land’s End.  This is the part of Cabo San Lucas where tourists and locals meet, here you can find everything from private beach clubs, to bars and restaurants and all kind of activities that you can imagine; wave runners, kayaks, stand up paddle, parasailing etc.  While you’re here you can take a water taxi and visit the impressive natural structure of the Arch (and adjacent Lovers and Divorce beaches).

9. Costa Azul


If you like surfing, Costa Azul is one of the best beaches for practicing surf in Los Cabos.  It is located in San Jose del Cabo, and it’s a favorite beach for many thanks to the amazing views, waves and location.  Here you can enjoy a peaceful walk on the beach while you appreciate passionate surfers hitting the waves.  This beach is also where all the action of the Los Cabos Open of Surf happens – it’s the beach where in 2014 we had Coco Ho, Briana Hope, Laura Enever, Lake Peterson, Alana Blanchard, Gudauskas brothers, Josh Kerr, Matt Banting, Italo Ferreira and many others surf some of the best waves and show us how it’s done.

10. Migriño


Migriño is probably the most adventurous beach in Los Cabos.  This is not a swimmable beach, because of the strong waves from the Pacific, but you can enjoy incredible views, amazing fine sand and the sound and the breeze and the waves crashing into the beach.  In Migriño you can also explore Baja on ATVs, buggys or enjoy horse ride tours through the beach, arroyos and desert.

Do you have a favorite beach in Baja?  Please let us know in the comments below.  If you are interested in visiting any of the mentioned beaches or participating at any of the mentioned activities, let us know at info@luxuryvillacollections.com.  We’d be happy to organize a trip for you, and arrange any Los Cabos vacation rentals.

Photo sources: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4567 – 8 – 910 (photos 1, 3 & 8 by Gerardo Montaño)

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