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Los Cabos Travel Tips from a Destination Specialist: Meet Gonzalo Zabalegui

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Luxury Villa Collections Destination Specialist, Gonzalo Zabalegui, shares with us some insider tips and tricks for travelers visiting Los Cabos.


Share us a little bit about yourself Gonzalo, where do you come from, what brought you to Cabo, and what made you stay?
Hi!  My name is Gonzalo and I am from Argentina.  I came to Los Cabos in June of 2005, the reason I came was only to visit some Argentinian friends who were staying here for a season; they used to dance Tango and were giving shows in different places.  It was not the first time I was in Mexico, although it was the first time I was in Los Cabos; honestly by that time Los Cabos was not a popular place as it is now, so not many people have heard about this beautiful place in Mexico yet.
My idea was to stay just a few months (2 or 3) since I just wanted to know the place and travel around… but after meeting a lot interesting and friendly people, I changed my mind…  I got a job and decided to stay for a while, again, just a few months but I finally decided to stay longer.
I fell in love with Los Cabos and Baja, the environment, weather, people, food (mainly), quality of life, opportunities…  Those are a few aspects which made me stay here and I am planning to stay in Los Cabos for many more years.

Please share with us some of your favorite Los Cabos attractions that you most often won’t find in the travel guides?
Well, there are a lot of spots and attractions which are not in the travel guides.  Since I live here, I used to take my car and explore new places (usually on my days off and weekends).  There are a lot of hidden beaches along the coast…  Going to La Paz and further, you can find local restaurants, small towns, handy crafts stores, etc.
Depending on what kind of tourist you are, you have many things to do.  I enjoy going to new places, I love the popular ones, but also the ones that not many people know.  When it comes to activities, I recommend people to try them all, they all are great and lead by very professional people.
Camping at the beach is one of my favorite activities, I love the outdoor life and outdoor activities.  There are beautiful places near San Jose del Cabo, such as La Ribera and Nine Palms beach, which is great for surfers.
Spending a a day or if possible even a few days at National Marine Park Cabo Pulmo is definitely something you must experience while in Los Cabos.  Cabo Pulmo is one of only 3 coral reefs on the West Coast of North America!


Cabo Pulmo, photo via adventure-journal.com

What are your top 5 places to see when visiting Los Cabos / or Baja?
–  Cabo Pulmo
–  Santa Maria and Chileno’s bay beaches
–  Art District in San Jose del Cabo
–  The Arch
–  Lover’s beach

In your opinion, what are the advantages of renting a private villa vs. booking a hotel room?
First of all, staying in a villa gives you the comfort of enjoying 100% privacy, you feel like home, it is totally different than staying in a resort or hotel.
Villas are normally larger than hotel rooms, they are luxurious and spacious.  Often, vacations homes are located in a private community, featuring multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus living, dinning, pool and kitchen areas.  Villas can accommodate larger groups such as big families or friends groups.  To put it simply, renting your private villa is an unforgettable experience, which I truly recommend anyone to try.

What is your favorite place in Los Cabos, and your favorite place in Baja?
My favourite place in Los Cabos is Chileno’s Bay and Nikki Beach… and Cabo Pulmo my favourite place in Baja… Cerritos is also one of my favourite places too.  It’s so hard to name only two, I could easily list a few more (smiles).

Some final thoughts on Los Cabos?
Los Cabos is a great place to live, mostly because of the quality of life.  It’s a nice place if you are looking for jobs opportunities, relaxed environment, friendly and nice people.  I am from a big city and I found here a good place to live…  It is very safe and clean.  And if you are a seafood lover (like me!) you’ll absolutely love it.

Thank you Gonzalo!
Thank you!  I look forward to welcoming our travel friends to our beautiful Los Cabos!

For more Los Cabos travel tips you can email Gonzalo here or here, see our Los Cabos vacation villas here, or call us at: USA Toll Free: 888-264-1827 l USA: 619-819-6178 l Mexico: 624-105-9100.

Photo source: Gonzalo and Adventure Journal.

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