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Hurricane Odile Uncovers Sunken Ship in Cabo San Lucas from 1954

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Hurricane Odile uncovered a piece of history in Cabo San Lucas.  In Cabo San Lucas bay, just in front of the popular Arch and Land’s End, Odile uncovered a mysterious shipwreck.  Oscar Ortiz, owner of Cabo Expeditions, and his team, who have been doing underwater expeditions with the intention to clean up the sea bottom after Odile, have encountered this amazing piece of history of Cabo San Lucas.  They asked the local fishermen about it, and the story goes that in 1954 this ship arrived to Cabo San Lucas bay from San Marcos island, carrying plaster, when it hit something and started sinking.  Not much more is known about this ship, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as new information becomes available.

In the meantime, you can observe these stunning photos of the shipwreck, taken by Oscar Ortiz.




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