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8 Favorite Roof Top Restaurants in Baja

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Besides ocean view restaurants, roof top restaurants in Baja are our favorite!  There is no better way to enjoy your meal than from a restaurant with a fantastic view of the area.  Thanks to the unique location of Baja and dramatic nature that surrounds us, there are many different restaurants where you can admire the view of the ocean, a marina, town plaza or the desert.  Here are some of our favorite roof top restaurants in Baja, be sure to pick a few to visit during your next vacations (we can even help you with reservations if you’d like):

San José del Cabo


1. Hotel El Ganzo:  At El Ganzo you will find delicious choices and varieties of breakfast, lunch and dinner plates from all over the world, like Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Italy, New Zealand and the United States, all of that while you watch the infinity pool overlooking the marina, where all the birds fly and you will even feel the breeze of the ocean.  At El Ganzo they get their produce from their weekly farmer’s market, and if you come at night, don’t miss the beautiful sunset, watch the sun go down behind the mountains while you eat your tasty dessert  (our favorite is chocolate fondue – it’s the best!).


2. The View:  This Mexican design restaurant has a perfect view of the Historical Center and the beautiful Mission of San Jose del Cabo.  The View has a great menu of regional Mexican food and amazing drinks (our current favorite is Passion Fruit Mojito).  Enjoy the food and the views of lovely historic downtown.

the view from Shooters

3. Shooters Sport Bar:  This sports bar has a fantastic location, from where you can see the entire Historical Center, the fountains and downtown of San Jose del Cabo (see the view from Shooters on the photo above).  Whenever you feel like watching some sports and enjoying a cold one in a relaxing atmosphere, this is the place you’ve been looking for.  Shooters is famous for their 15 pesos beer.  And not only do they have beer, they offer full service: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all kinds of food.

Cabo San Lucas


4. Baja Brewing & Co at Cabo Villas:  This is the only microbrewery in Los Cabos, it offers craft beers with a different flavor.  We like them because they are good and they are made in Los Cabos!  Baja Brewing Company has an extensive menu with delicious hamburgers, pizzas, chicken fingers, salads and more!  In Cabo San Lucas they have two locations, one at the Marina, and the other (our favorite) on the rooftop of Cabo Villas Resort, with an amazing view of Land´s End from where you can observe the entire happenings at the Medano beach below you.


5. Lorenzillo’s:  In this restaurant you’ll have the opportunity to try different plates of gourmet seafood dining, it’s mostly known for their awarded lobster dishes.  Lorenzillo´s offers a breathtaking view of the sunsets on the bay of Cabo San Lucas.  It’s a great place to enjoy your meal and view of the yachts and sailboats docked at the marina.


6. Sunset da Mona Lisa:  Its name says it all, it’s a restaurant where you will watch the best sunsets in Cabo San Lucas, while observing the changing hues from light pink to bright orange and red around the Land’s End and Cabo San Lucas bay.  Enjoy Italian food, pizzas and pastas in a romantic and nice atmosphere.

Todos Santos


7. El Gusto:  The restaurant El Gusto! offers Mexican Gourmet Cuisine with an international fusion.  It is located in the center of Todos Santos, within Posada La Posa and is well known for their cuisine.  The Chef only uses the best of local organic produce, meats, and a myriad of the freshest seafood. At El Gusto you’ll be eating in a place named “Top ten rooftop bars in the West” by Sunset Magazine in July 2007, and while you are there don’t miss their list of well chosen wines and champagnes.


8. El Mirador:  El Mirador (“the lookout point”) has amazing panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.  They serve contemporary Mexican dishes, such as seafood, choice cuts of steak, organic chicken, and lighter meals: appetizers, soups and salads, ending up with incredible desserts.  Their extensive wine list includes wines from the best regions of Baja California, Chile, Argentina, California, Spain and France.

Next time you visit Los Cabos and Baja, visit any of our roof top restaurants and be enchanted with the views and fantastic culinary experience.

If you need help in making a reservation to any of the above mentioned (or other) restaurants, or are looking for a place to stay in Los Cabos, please contact us at info@luxuryvillacollections.com, we’d be happy to help you plan your perfect evening or Los Cabos vacations.

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