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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Reviews: Ultimate Family Retreat at Casa Miramar

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Cabo San Lucas vacations are always an experience, and our team goes on and beyond to try to make your stay with is the most pleasant and memorable ever.  We received this fantastic review and wanted to share it with you.  We are publishing it as it is – no skipping anything.  The review is for our Cabo del Sol vacation rental, a beautiful villa Casa Miramar:

“Absolutely incredible!  The photos are spot on.  Our family spent a week in Cabo del Sol at this incredible home.  Once you sign your contract you will be connected with Victor who is an on-site manager who literally is at your beck and call.  Victor is absolutely outstanding and had some terrific recommendations for us.  His English is perfect and there were never any communication issues.  We were able to get food supplies purchased in advance so when we arrived we had cold cervezas in the refrigerator and plenty of snacks for the kids. 

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but there are three (3) enormous suites with the sunken Jacuzzi tub, full shower, double sinks, and gigantic walk-in closet – two upstairs and one downstairs.  There is another full suite downstairs with the amenities, but no outside views or windows and the door to this suite is a floor-to-ceiling slider that is right next to the kitchen and living room.  It was not an issue at all for our family but if you were coming with 4 couples expecting the same room type you would be disappointed.  Not to say that 4 couples could not stay here. There is PLENTY of space at this property.

The WIFI/high speed internet works if you are inside the house, nearest the hotspot.  I needed to log in to check work every day and I had no issues.  However, one of the kids (upstairs on an iPad) had intermittent service.  Also the WIFI does not extend out to the pool area so if you were on your iPhone or wanted to sit outside on a laptop, you would be out of luck.  The TV in the house does have Sky Mexico cable but all of the channels are in Spanish – there may have been 2 or 3 in English – but don’t think you can watch ESPN or other standard US channels.  It was ok for us because we were out during the day watching the World Cup Soccer games with the locals and at night we had tremendous fun playing the many board games offered (our kids are 18, 11 and 9). 

One of the best recommendations (I am kicking myself for not using more than once) is the in-home chef.  Victor set-up a private chef to come to the house on one of our last nights.  The chef and his perfect-speaking English son, gave the kids a COOKING LESSON for chili rellenos!  It was incredible.  The food itself was absolutely delicious, but the cost … dirt cheap. 

There is a known problem with the hot water in the kitchen but other than that it was perfect.  We hope they don’t sell the property so we can book this for our next Cabo trip!”

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Reviews Details
Property 4th Night Free Summer Special – Casa Miramar 4/4.5BA, sleeps 8 Cabo del Sol
Reviewer location Los Altos, CA
Date of arrival June 16, 2014
Review rating      5 out of 5

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