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10 Reasons The Only Place To Go On Vacation Is Los Cabos 

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If you need 10 Reasons why the only place to go on vacation is Los Cabos, continue reading and get ready to book your ticket for a visit:

1. Los Cabos mastered the art of getting up close and personal with nature a long time ago:
Los Cabos is home to a variety of aquatic fauna and during some seasons you can even get personal with some of the largest and most gentle mammals on earth (and in the oceans).


2. You never have to decide between fishing or shopping:

When heading to the marina you can always go out on a fishing charter while those not suited for fishing or open sea can have the great shopping in Luxury Avenue


3. Or between going out on a yacht and partying!
You can always enjoy the nature and ocean of Cabo in one of the tours across the marina and near-by beaches while enjoying the fun and music you could have in a nightclub, it is clubbing on board!


4. You don’t have to choose between swimming or surfing!
The big variety of beaches in Los Cabos, allows you to have fun surfing in beaches like Zippers, Acapulquito or Monuments, or to enjoy a nice swim in places like El Medano, Chileno or Santa María.  There is always a beach for every kind of person and mood in Cabo. See our favorite beaches in San Jose del Cabo here, and Cabo San Lucas here.


5. And even rocks are stunning in Cabo!
Jump on a panga (small boats), and head out to the Arch.  “El Arco” is part of the peninsula’s very southern tip.  On one side, the Pacific Ocean in all its grandeur; on the other side begins the Sea of Cortez.  Be sure to look for pelicans and sea lions.

Land's End Cabo San Lucas

6. Todos Santos is a great place to mix surf and old Mexico, while recharging batteries:
If you’re in Los Cabos for more than a few days and craving a change of scenery, try the quaint town of Todos Santos, home to various art galleries, good surf and excellent restaurants.  Todos Santos is sleepy and artsy and new age, just the antithesis of Cabo.  Recharge here your batteries or realign your inner chi for a day.

Photo via palmorchard.com

7. Agave perfection.
Agave is native to the Americas, but it’s nearly impossible to argue it wasn’t perfected in Mexico, and Cabo its one of it’s main promoters!
  Agave is the main ingredient in tequila and mezcal, amigos, and mixing that magical liquor into Mango, Guava, Watermellon or simply regular lemon margaritas next to the pool is nothing shy of sheer relaxation.


8. The food is perfect in Cabo, maybe you shouldn’t go anywhere else.
Mexican dinners are full of flourish and fanfare, you can even include a roving mariachi band, colorful tablecloths, and other Mexican crafts.  Cabo San Lucas have an amazing array of dinning options, from the most contemporary international cuisine places, the freshest sea food to the best Mexican upscale food as also amazing small taco shops!  True gourmands will want to savor the “Chiles en Nogada,” a Mexican dish available only during September that features ingredients the color of the Mexican flag and commemorates the Mexican Independence. (See also our favorite 14 most romantic restaurants in Los Cabos).

Photo by LA76 Photography.

9. Riding off into the sunset looks even cooler when done at the beach
You come to Cabo for many reasons.  It is the romance, the mariachi music and the surf season.  It is the colorful culture and cuisine.  You head to its beaches, its jungle, and the historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo.  But no paradise is complete without spectacular sunsets.  And in Los Cabos one of the best ways to enjoy the sunsets are horse back riding.  Try it and we promise you that you will watch, unique, and splendid sunsets that will make you realize you found paradise.


10. And sunsets in Cabo look better than almost any other place.

An image is worth a thousand words…


If you need any more reasons why you should visit Los Cabos, please send us an email and we’d be happy to give you some more excuses 🙂 If you are interested in Los Cabos accomodation, check out our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com and see our Los Cabos private villas and residences.

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