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Top 5 Activities in Cabo San Lucas During Spring Break

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If you are visiting Cabo San Lucas during this Spring Break you’re probably looking for more ways to enjoy our beautiful destination without having to sleep all day recovering from the night before and missing all the sun and fun!  Here is our list of 5 favorite things to do during your day in Cabo San Lucas this Spring Break.  I believe they are perfect activities so you can fully experience the beauty and fun of Cabo!

Top 5 Activities in Cabo San Lucas During Spring Break

1. Early SUP Session

Have you seen the sun rise in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas?  It is a fascinating spectacle of nature, and what better way to do it that in the water?  Making a SUP session as early as possible is the best way to observe the beautiful bay of Cabo San Lucas at its best: free of motor boards, wave runners, and no music from the beach restaurants gives you the perfect atmosphere to cruise around the bay while you admire the rock formations, the ocean fauna swimming underneath you and even sometimes jumping in front of you!  It is undoubtedly the best way you can start your day in Cabo San Lucas.  My recommendation would be: take a one hour session of SUP with your friends, watch the sun rise, enjoy the quiet morning and calm ocean, and then go to breakfast at one of the restaurants in Medano beach, that is a winner’s combo!

2. Desert Buggies

Another way to admire the beautiful surroundings of Los Cabos is to enjoy the desert!  And what better way to do it for adrenaline lovers than doing it in full speed!  The Baja desert has for many years been the backdrop of demanding and dramatic rallies, as the world famous Baja 1000.  Taste a bite of this exciting activity piercing the desert at high speed and marveling at stunning cactus, rock formations and dramatic landscapes! Undoubtedly an activity that thrill seekers can not miss!

3. Swimming with Dolphins

There are few things as magical as swimming with dolphins.  It might sound as a childish experience, but to me, it seems an experience even more impressive for adults than for children.  Swimming this close to the dolphins allows you to see firsthand the nobility, strength, delicacy and intelligence of these marine mammals!  The best thing is that this activity can be now experienced both in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas in first class facilities in small groups to ensure the integrity of both the dolphins and the experience of the guests.  I recommend you book this activity in advance, our concierges would be happy to help you with that!

4. Surfing

Rafael surfing
A classic of Los Cabos and Baja, and perhaps, together with off road racing, surfing is one of the sports that are in the Baja DNA!  No matter what skill level you have, if you are a professional surfer or if you’ve never surfed before, in Cabo you will find beaches to practice all levels of this sport, from private or group lessons in Costa Azul, to consistent waves in fabulous spots like The Rock, the famous Zippers, or the local’s favorite Monuments beach, hey, you can even do a small day trip to catch some waves at Cerritos beach!  Best thing of this activity?  Everyone spends the day in a bathing suit, nothing beats that!

5. Sunset Cruise

This is one of my favorite activities!  Spend a couple of hours on a boat cruising the bay of Cabo San Lucas, admire the famous Arch (which continues to fascinate if you have seen it for 100 times or if you have never seen it before), see the sea lions on the rock formations of Land’s End, and enjoy the wind in your face as the sun sets in the ocean while enjoying food, drinks and even in some cases live music on board.  You might even be lucky enough to see a couple of whales playing around! (the whales are here between December and March).  The truth is that a sunset cruise is a great option to admire the beauty of Cabo, especially since there are all kinds of cruises, family cruises, pirate ship cruises, jazz cruises, booze & party cruises, etc.  Our concierges can recommend you the cruise that best fits you or your group wishes and needs.

I hope you enjoy these tips and recommendations, and don’t forget that at the end of the day, Cabo has always something for every taste, so come over and let’s have fun!

For more information on Cabo San Lucas activities see more ideas here, or send us an email to info@luxuryvillacollections.com, and we’d be happy to recommend and organize an activity for you!

Photos: Cabo SUP / Desert Buggies / Cabo Sails

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