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Travel Trends 2014: The Rise of the Luxury Vacation Rental

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What will be the travel trends 2014?  In the beginning of the year a lot of industry insiders and travel enthusiasts made their predictions for the year.   It’s obvious some trends will stay in the spotlight, like the role of social media in informing and shaping travel decisions, but also the emergent tendency to redefine what is luxury and what is quality of a vacation points to a rise in demand for privately owned rentals and villas over hotels in this and upcoming years.


Wendy Perrin, one of the most trusted travel writers of Conde Nast Traveler said:  “Travelers will increasingly choose homes over hotels.“ and adds: “people substituted vacation rentals for hotel rooms”.  When we travel we usually seek to fulfill our need for  space, privacy, local flavor, and savings that come with renting an apartment or vacation home.

Another trend worth of paying attention to is that ordinary people are becoming “tour guides”.  Who better to recommend what to see, where to eat, what to visit in a destination than the locals or a home owner?  This is a trend on the rise, there is a growing number of private vacation rental owners who share their local expertise and insight, or even lead local tours, as an integral part of their rental offering.


For a long time travelers have been looking for local authentic experiences, and this search translate into a big desire of local access and insight embraced also by the (and trending) “YOLO spirit” (You Only Live Once). There is a rise in “creative tourism“, a tourism that is “engaged and seeks authentic experiences”, provided by “a connection with those who reside in the destination”.

In the search of the new definition of a luxury travel, concepts such as “remote locations” and “off the beaten path” get increasingly closer to the idea of ​”luxury”, as travelers are tired of generic “all inclusive” packages and “cookie cutter vacations”.  Remote locations and “off the beaten path” offer travelers authentic experiences that will leave them a deeper impression than any other generic vacation plan.

Cabo San Lucas has the perfect balance between off the beaten path locations, luxurious privately owned Villas and condos as vacation rentals, luxury services, food, restaurants and an aura that makes it easy to connect with those who reside in the destination.  For example, there are plenty of nice hotel restaurants in Cabo; but for a change, wouldn’t you prefer to sample the most authentic taste of Mexico in the comfort of your vacation rental beachfront villa?

At Luxury Villa Collections we offer you and your family and friends pre-selected residences and private villas in Los Cabos’s exclusive communities, as well as handpicked activities and services catered by our local concierges who have extensive experience and knowledge of the area.  Our aim is to facilitate you making these connections with the local culture in the best and most seamless possible way, and to provide you with an authentic experience of Los Cabos and Baja.  For more information about Cabo, Baja, and experiences, you are welcome to send us an email to: info@luxuryvillacollections.com.

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