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Top Family Activities in Cabo San Lucas

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While planning your family vacations in Cabo San Lucas, you are probably wondering about the activities you can enjoy together with your entire family.  Here is the selection of some of our favorite family activities in Cabo San Lucas:

1) Whale watching
If you are visiting Cabo San Lucas between December and March, whale watching is one of the most beautiful experiences of nature you can live in Baja California Sur.  Did you know that in Cabo San Lucas you can see up to 5 different whale species?  While most common are grey whale and humpback whale, you can also see blue whales, sperm whales and orcas.   

2) Swimming with dolphins
If you would like to experience something unique, try swimming with dolphins – I loved my experience so much! While I love the dolphins, I never imagined how soft they are, and gentle. Cabo Adventures has now two dolphin centers, one in Cabo San Lucas and one in San Jose del Cabo, and they offer various dolphin programs – from swimming with dolphins to being a trainer for a day.

Turtle release in Los Cabos, Mexico
3) Turtle release
Baby turtle release is one of Los Cabos’s seasonal activities, and you can participate in it between September and late November.  I love how turtles return to our beaches each year to lay eggs, and it is always such an amazing experience to help baby turtles go back to the ocean.  The coast along the Baja California peninsula and the sea of Cortez is home to five of the seven species of the world’s sea turtles; Hawksbill (Tortuga Carey), Loggerhead (Tortuga Caguama, Amarilla o Cabezona), Leatherback (Tortuga Laúd), Green Turtle (also Black Turtle, Tortuga Prieta, Negra o Verde) and most abundant of all the species of sea turtle, Olive Ridley (Tortuga Golfina).

4) Cabo Sky Tours
Experiencing Cabo San Lucas from the air is a magnificent experience, where you can admire all the natural beauties of Baja – from the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, to sand dunes, Land’s End, luxury resorts, stunning beaches and more.

Cabo Pulmo - photo by Octavio Aburto

Cabo Pulmo – photo by Octavio Aburto

5) Snorkeling & Kayak Tours
Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez as the World’s Largest Aquarium.  Try snorkeling at The Land’s End, Santa Maria Beach or, at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, and you will know why he named it like that. It is one of the favorite activities of our guests.


6) SUP & Surf
Water activities are among the most sought after in Baja, but none such as surfing and stand up paddle boarding – SUP.  If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf or SUP, or if you’d like to take your skills to the next level, now is your chance to do so! It is a great family activity!


7) Sunset Ocean Tour
If you like the ocean, but prefer to watch it, participate at a sunset ocean tour.  There are many tours available, from family sunset tours, to romantic wine & jazz sunset tours and more.


8) Horseback Riding
Take your family for a horseback ride on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos.  Feel the wind blowing in your hair as the gentle mist from the blue waters of the ocean cools your skin from the warm sunshine above.


9) Zip Lining
For families who like adventure, zip lining is a great way to spend the day together.  Providers we work with are experienced and knowledgeable, putting the safety first. Enjoy seeing the beautiful Sierra de La Laguna mountain and oasis, part of UNESCO protected biosphere, from your own seat, and enjoy a spectacular backdrop on your zip line adventure.


10) Outback & Camel safari
Outback & Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure. In small groups, the off-road trucks will take you deep into the heart of the Baja outback on a voyage of discovery and wonder. Spectacular views, knowledgeable guides, delicious cuisine and an exciting beach camel ride in Rancho San Cristobal make this an exclusive adventure in Baja. During the winter months, be sure to keep an eye out for humpback whales as they swim past the ranch.


11) Sierra Laguna Waterfall Hike
The hike into Canyon de la Zorra is a great way to explore the base of our mountain range, the Sierra Lagunas. It’s a little less than an hour drive from Cabo, through the small agricultural town of Santiago, out to the canyon where freshwater flows over huge granite boulders making gorgeous pools. Your guide leads you along a canyon path as he gives descriptions of the flora found here in the Baja. The tour ends at a waterfall that cascades into a large pool where you will stop for a swim. It’s hard to believe this oasis exists in the middle of the desert.

The church in El Triunfo

12) City tours
Exploring adjacent Cabo San Lucas towns is a must if you want to experience and see more of Baja.  I love San Jose del Cabo for the town plaza, history, restaurants, art galleries and great ambiance.  Todos Santos is a colorful Magical Village (Pueblo Magico), with arts and crafts and great restaurants.  Visit Los Barriles for kitesurfing, or El Triunfo, the ancient capital and silver town of Baja.  La Paz as our capital is always nice to visit, they have fantastic swimmable beaches (don’t miss to see Balandra), and I love the long sunset strolls on Malecon, while I watch the dolphins in the Sea of Cortez.


13) Cooking Classes
If you love Mexico, I am certain you love Mexican food as well!  Best way to recreate Mexico memories at home is by preparing some of your favorite dishes you learned while on vacation.  Our chefs prepare a fun cooking class, suitable for the entire family.  Pick your favorite dish, and our chef will help you learn to prepare it!

If you are looking for more ideas for family activities in Cabo San Lucas, please send an email to your Los Cabos host here, we’d be happy to help you plan and create unforgettable family memories in Cabo San Lucas.  For accommodation and private Cabo San Lucas villas, please see our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com .

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