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Baja International Film Festival, Los Cabos – BIFF 2013; Nov 13-16, 2013

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ThiBaja-international-film-festivals November, I am excited to attend the 2nd Baja International Film Festival, BIFF 2013, which will be held from November 13 – 16, 2013 in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Baja International Film Festival, Los Cabos, is an event dedicated to the shared vision of this multicultural and vibrant region that brings international audiences bold, reflective and inspiring films year after year.  Founded last year to forge stronger links between Mexico and Hollywood, and attended by Edward Norton, Josh Lucas, Matt Dillon, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, Baja Film Festival has seen an extensive makeover in top execs, industry events and geographic scope.


This year, Charlie Sheen has been invited as a Special Guest of the Baja International Film Festival, and I expect to see many more celebrities and famous actors.


The entire program and events schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but here are the films that have been selected to be presented at the Baja International Film festival so far:

For Los Cabos Competition and Mexico First 150 films were received from which 14 were selected.

LOS CABOS COMPETITION (Films from Mexico, the U.S and Canada; fiction or documentary).

1. Alphée desétoiles, de Hugo Latulippe (Canadá)
2. The Dirties, de Matthew Johnson (Canadá / Estados Unidos)
3. Hide your Smiling Faces, de Daniel Patrick Carbone (Estados Unidos)
4. I Used to be Darker, de Matthew Porterfield (Estados Unidos)
5. Las horas muertas, de Aarón Fernández (México / Francia / España)
6. Short Term 12, de Destin Cretton (Estados Unidos)
7. Sarah préfère la course, de Chloé Robichaud (Canadá)
8. Who is Dayani Cristal?, de Marc Silver (México / UK)

MÉXICO PRIMERO (Primeras y segundas películas; ficción o documental)

1. Cumbres,de Gabriel Nuncio
2. Estrecho de Bering, de Lourdes Grobet.
3. Filosofía natural del amor, de Sebastián Hiriart.
4. La vida después, de David Pablos
5. Los insólitos peces gato, de Claudia Saint-Luce
6. Luto, de Katina Medina Mora.

Baja International FilmFestival, Los Cabos will be held this November at Los Cabos Convention Center, in Cabo San Lucas, promoting the encounter of actors, directors and celebrities from Mexico, United States, Canada and the rest of the world. In addition to a lively industry program, there will be galas, free screenings, concerts and outdoor activities.

We will be updating you with new information on this blog, as soon as it is released. For accommodations during the Baja International Film Festival, BIFF 2013, please see our selection of Cabo San Lucas Villas and Residences here

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