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The Ultimate Dolphin Experience Now in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

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Swimming with dolphins was one of the first magnificent adventures I experienced after moving to Cabo San Lucas in 2007.  I still remember how soft was my dolphin – Monet, named after the famous painter – and so friendly.  We played, we swam and he even kissed me!  If you haven’t tried swimming with dolphins yet, I warmly recommend it.  Besides swimming with dolphins you can also choose among other dolphin activities like Dolphin Encounter,  Dolphin Experience for Kids, and you can even become a Dolphin Trainer for the Day.


Luxury Villa Collections’s partner Cabo Adventures recently opened a Cabo Dolphins center in San Jose del Cabo (you can still visit their Cabo Dolphins center in Cabo San Lucas as well, that is where I had my first encounter with the dolphins), and I am grateful to Mark Watson, Cabo Adventures’s Sales Director, for giving me an insight to the newly open Dolphin Center in San Jose del Cabo:

Hi Mark, I am excited to talk with you today about your new dolphin center in San Jose del Cabo. Can you share with our readers some details about the center, how big is it?
It’s my pleasure to share with you some information about our newly opened dolphin center.  Cabo Dolphins center in Cabo San Lucas is larger than the one we have recently opened in San Jose del Cabo.  The Cabo San Lucas dolphin center’s pool has around 4 million liters of water, while in San Jose del Cabo has around 2 million litres.   We can host 8 to 10 dolphins in San Jose del Cabo, while in Cabo San Lucas between 10 to 14.

What activities are you offering in Cabo Dolphin in San Jose del Cabo?
We offer the unique and exclusive Dolphin Kids, Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Experience and Dolphin Swim.  At the dolphin center we also have a small café and store area, and a large, air conditioned photo and video center on site.


How many dolphins do you have currently?
Currently we have 4 dolphins – 2 adults and 2 “teenage” dolphins.  Once we have both dolphin centers in full operation, we will begin our breeding program and I hope to be as successful as our sister dolphin centers in Puerto Vallarta.

Where do your dolphins come from?
Two of our dolphins were rescued from La Paz and taken to be cared at Dolphin Adventure in Puerto Vallarta, before they fully recovered and returned home.  The other two are their calves.

What are their names?
We have two males named Nacho (alfa male), and Tlatoani his 6 year old sun.  Aqua is a 27 year old female and Ukalaii is her 8 years old daughter.


Do you have any dolphin anecdote you can share with our readers?
An interesting thing that our ‘teenage’ dolphins Tlatoani and Ukalaii do, is that they love to observe people talking by the pool.  If they are not playing by themselves they will approach you and pay attention to what you are doing, and after a few moments they will start making noises and bouncing the head up and down or side to side like saying yes or no.  They are so cute and they make me smile, it looks like if they were following and understanding the conversation and they were affirming or not what you are saying by moving the head.

That is so cute!  I will be visiting you soon and hope to have a nice conversation with Tlatoani and Ukalaii!  Thank you Mark!
It is my pleasure, see you soon at Cabo Dolphin!

If you would like to have an unforgettable dolphin experience, please contact us at info@luxuryvillacollections.com for bookings and more information. Note: In September we are offering 2×1 Cabo Dolphin experience!


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