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Passion Fruit & Mango Spicy Margarita

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We are thankful to whoever came up with National Tequila Day!  What could be better on a hot summer’s day than a frosty margarita rimmed with salt?  Of course, we don’t need a date on the calendar to put us in the mood for enjoying a refreshing margarita — but if we already have a day dedicated to this famous Mexican spirit, then we won’t hesitate to have a “margie” to celebrate!

We learned this new margarita recipe at Capella Pedregal‘s 2nd Food & Wine Festival.  It’s delicious, we promise!

Passion Fruit & Mango Spicy Margarita


– 2 oz Tequila Blanco 100% Agave
– 1/2 oz Contreau
– 1/2 oz Passion Fruit
– 1.5 Mango Puree
– 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
– 1/2 oz Simple Syrup
1 Dash Chile Tajin

Add all ingredients to the shaker, shake strong and strain into a tumbler with Tajin Chilli on the rim and full of ice. Garnish with an orange wedge.

Did you know: The history of margaritas
Probably the most iconic element associated with tequila is the Margarita, a fresh and sizzling drink that, rumor has it, began in Acapulco when socialite Margarita Sames was experimenting in her hacienda’s bar for a drink that would refresh her invitees in a hot evening.  She ended up mixing lime juice with tequila and triple sec, served it in a salt-rimed glass and well… the rest is history.


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