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Top 5 Things to do in Los Cabos during Christmas and December holidays

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I love Decembers in Los Cabos. The weather is just beautiful and sunny, the towns are vibrant with events and activities, the whales have started to arrived to our waters, and there’s always something going on in town and surrounding neighborhoods, offering plenty of things to do and enjoy holidays. Below is the selection of 5 activities that I traditionally do every holiday season in Los Cabos.

Fishing – Whale Watching Trip

When you mention Cabo San Lucas, many things come to mind, but world class sport fishing is definitely one of the first. In winter months striped and blue marlin make the best fishing experience. All year long you can also catch other popular fishes: Cabrilla, sierra, snapper, Wahoo, mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna. Remember that some of the fishing charter captains adhere to catch-and-release practices for large fish, like the marlin and roosterfish, in the interest of protecting the sport and the ecosystem!

If you are not inclined to fishing, I still suggest you get some “on the water” experience. Every December we are a witness to a migration of whales, who come to Baja from the cold waters of Bering Sea to calve, feed, mate and play. Whale watching in Los Cabos is a very unique experience – because of our location you can see up to 5 different whale types, with Grey Whale and Humpback Whale being among the most common one.

Visit Todos Santos

Spending the day enjoying the tranquil Todos Santos is probably just what the doctor meant when he told you to relax and de-stress during holidays. I love to spend time walking its streets and main square surrounded by little stores with amazing handcrafts and objects. After looking at the artisan stores and some shopping, I love to head up to Todos Santos Café, the most traditional place in Todos Santos, to grab a light lunch. Don’t forget to look up while walking the inner streets and Todos Santos, and see all the Saints adorning the façades (thats where the town gets its name from). Walking around the entire town takes less than half an hour, but galleries and cafes encourage lingering. After lunch and relaxing at the main square or taking photos of its old theater, kiosk and main church, I recommend a margarita while watching the sunrise in one of the terraces of the boutique hotels that lately have been opening in downtown “Todos”.

Don’t forget Todos Santos surfing is prime during the winter. With well known spots like La Pastora, Playa Pescadero and Cerritos, it’s worth a trip up the Pacific coast to try your board on these waves. These beaches draw surfers from all over the world.

Visit Main Square of San José del Cabo and its surrounding galleries

San Jose has this old Mexican charm that everyone loves, with it’s city plaza and old historic buildings. You can stroll around the beautiful Main Plaza and the Historic District were you can also find an interesting array of shops, boutiques and art galleries. Best day to visit is Thursday afternoon, with the famous Art Walk and all the galleries of the area open until late, so you can admire their artwork before or after dinner in one of several exquisite restaurants. During Holiday season the center of San José del Cabo is beautifully decorated and features a big lighted Christmas tree in the center of the main square, where we like to sit around, have some tamales from a street vendor and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Enjoy all the great Mexican food and sweets of the holiday season

Cabo San Lucas and Baja California Sur in general are rapidly becoming a truly gourmet destination, there are so many different options, ranging from private chefs, top cuisine restaurants to some of the best street stands and taco places you will find south of the border! Many internationally renowned chefs have moved here to add a touch of cosmopolitan culture to the local Cabo cuisine. So when in Los Cabos and Baja, food and dining should be on the list of your top things to do.

Enjoy the beaches

Nothing like lounging on the serenity of your own beach if staying at one of our gorgeous beachfront villas. If you are looking to get away from the start of the cold winter season, Cabo’s desert climate guarantees that your vacation will be sunny. Our December temperatures are in the mid 70s to 80s so you can be sure come home with a great tan to show off to your friends.

Los Cabos boasts lush and beautiful beaches stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. Every beach is unique and each offers something for each type of visitor. Here is a list of our favorite beaches in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

I hope this small guide is helpful for you on your next visit to Los Cabos during this Holidays! One thing I can assure you, in Los Cabos you will never be bored!

***For more information on Los Cabos activities or Los Cabos vacation rentals, please contact us at info@luxuryvillacollections.com, visit our website www.luxuryvillacollections.com or call us at (USA Toll Free) 888-264-1827,  (USA) 619-819-6178 or (Mexico) 624-105-9100. We’d love to be your Los Cabos hosts!

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