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Meet Your Local Host: Patrick Holdbrook, Los Cabos Destination Specialist

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Patrick Holdbrook has been working in the tourism industry for the last fourteen years, starting in Canada.  He is Luxury Villa Collection’s Sales & Marketing Executive and Destination Specialist.  He is the one who will help you plan and organize your vacation from A to B. His favorite Los Cabos beach is at Palmilla, he loves his family,  and mountain biking.

When did you first time visit Baja Patrick? And what made you stay?
I first came to Cabo back in 2003, when I was living in the Cayman Islands.  I came to visit an old friend of mine who was now living here.  I stayed here for 3 weeks and it took me only about a week to decide that I wanted to live here [he smiles].  The friendliness and hospitality of the people was much better than that of where I was living at the time, and it was a little bit closer to my home town too.

What do you like best about living in Baja?
The same of what everyone else loves, the weather!

You have two lovely daughters, can you recommend some family friendly places to see or activities to do in Los Cabos?  
My oldest daughter is now 4, so she enjoys a lot more things now, she likes Wet Fun (water slides) up in Caduano, any of the local beaches, and she’s very fond of boats, so she likes the sunset cruises. My youngest daughter is only 2 months old so she does not really have a say in where we go (yet). With the entire family we like to visit San Jose del Cabo’s organic market. Besides fresh produce there is always so many interesting things to do, so we often spend the entire Saturday morning there and wrap it up with a lunch.

You love mountain biking. Where do you ride your bike? Can you share some of your favorite routes with us?
I ride 90% of the time solo, the other 10% with my neighbor.  In San Jose I ride along the new Barlovento road (next to the new Convention Centre, which we built for G20 Summit); there are a few trails that break off from there leading up to the toll road.  Or I ride out in Puerto Los Cabos.  Along the Corridor I ride up the canyon by Cabo Real and Dreams.  In San Lucas, I ride up in El Tezal or the trail up to the weather station near Pedregal and Pueblo Bonito. Some of our adventure partners offer mountain biking tours through the desert and mountains, it is a very fun tour, you can see a lot of Baja nature – and get some exercise at the same time!

For more information on mountain biking, family activities in Los Cabos, or Los Cabos vacation rentals, you can contact Patrick at info@luxuryvillacollections.com.

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