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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Tips

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Important Cabo San Lucas Vacation Tips That You Should Know When in Cabo

While on your Cabo vacation, we sometimes find that the simplest things turn into being the most difficult: making a phone call or paying for a taxi ride can be a challenge.  At Luxury Villa Collections we want you to enjoy your luxury vacation in Cabo, without having to suffer for these little inconveniences.  The following recommendations are intended to reduce the stress of leaving home and guarantee maximum satisfaction in your vacation.  And remember, we are always one call away (USA Toll Free: 888-264-1827; USA: 619-819-6178 or within Mexico: 624-105-9100) to come to the rescue if necessary.

Medical Services Tips in Los Cabos

The medical profession in Los Cabos is fully reliable.  Hospitals and clinics located in both San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are equipped with the newest technology and many have bilingual professionals available. We recommend and have personally used the services of AMERIMED (Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and Los Barriles) and the HOSPITAL DE ESPECIALIDADES.

Tips about Water in Mexico

Inside your unit, tap water is safe for cooking and brushing your teeth, but not for drinking.  Drink only bottled water or from the refrigerator water dispenser.  Most restaurants in Mexico have purified water.  Also, use caution when eating at a taco stand.  If it does not appear to be safe, then it is probably not.

Money & Currency Exchange Tips in Cabo

The official currency used in Los Cabos is the Mexican Peso ($).  Hence, unless otherwise stated, all service and merchandise prices are published in pesos.  Most businesses and service providers will accept American Dollars, although at a slightly unfavorable exchange rate and change will be given in pesos.  One US dollar is equal to about 13.00 Mexican Pesos.  Please check the most current currency exchange rates.  VISA and Master Card are the most widely accepted credit cards.  American Express is also accepted, but sometimes with added fixed fee.  The exchange rate applied when paying with plastic will be that of the day you make the purchase.  Beware that some businesses will overcharge a three to seven percent service charge depending on the company that issues your card.  To insure a more favorable exchange rate and to ease getting change back from a vendor, we recommend exchanging your money into pesos.  Banks are open on weekdays, closed on national holidays and a few are open on Saturdays.  Hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The American Express office is located in downtown Cabo San Lucas at Plaza Bonita.  You will need a photo ID to complete this transaction. In many cases, a driver’s license is not accepted; you will need your passport.

Cabo San Lucas Telecommunications

International communication from Mexico can be costly.  Therefore, international calls are not allowed from our vacation rental units, unless equipped with a Vonage line, which makes them costless.  Please write us (info@luxuryvillacollections.com) to find out your whether your vacation rental unit has this service or not and what will the number be.  The number will also appear on your itinerary that we will send you.  If the unit does not have a Vonage line, we prefer you to use a calling card for long distance service or have the other party call you.  You can buy a calling card online at the US Telmex site.  Cellular phone roaming service is available for certain companies, please check with your local provider.  Cell phone rentals are available through your Los Cabos concierge.

Tips on how to Clear Customs in Mexico

American citizens require a valid passport to enter into Mexico.  For questions about entry and exit requirements for American citizens please check the US Consular Information Sheet for Mexico.  Citizens from all other countries will also require a valid  passport.  Children under eighteen will require a notarized permission from any parent or guardian not traveling with the child.  Before landing, you will be provided a tourist form, FM-T, that you must fill in and present at Customs.  Please keep that form, as you will need it when leaving the country.  Canadian citizens, also now require a valid passport to enter into Mexico.  For questions about entry and exit requirements for Canadian citizens please check the Canadian Embassy in Mexico Site.

Safety Tips for Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo

Both San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas have a very low crime rate among the local community and crime is virtually nonexistent within the tourist areas.  Nonetheless, it is prudent to be aware.  Do not do anything you would not do back home, do not trust anybody you would not trust back home.  Also, use extra caution at night, in the bars, with your personal belongings.  In case of emergency, the number to dial is 066.

Tips on Rental Cars in Los Cabos

To rent a car, you must have a valid drivers license, be 21 years or older and leave a deposit with a credit card.  Please contact your Destination Specialist or call our offices in Los Cabos at 888-264-1827 (US number) for a reservation.  Try to limit driving to daylight hours as some of the highways have free-roaming livestock; keep your eyes on the road and drive defensively.  There are Pemex gas stations all throughout the area.  Mexico has a government-funded highway patrol, the Ángeles Verdes or “Green Angels”; these are green trucks that patrol the major highways twice a day and provide emergency service.  The service is free, but you will be charged if supplies are needed.

Tips About Public Transportation & Taxis in Los Cabos

Taxis are available 24 hours a day.  They are located at all major hotels, downtown and at the airport.  Negotiate the fare before accepting the ride and keep in mind that the cost is per cab, not per person.  To call a taxi, call your concierge or walk to the security gate and ask the guard for assistance.  There are public buses that run as shuttles along the highway between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  These are very economical, between 8 and 30 pesos a ride, depending on the distance, and they run approximately every 15 minutes from 6:00am to 11:00pm.

For more information on Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals, rates and packages, please send us an email at info@luxuryvillacollections.com, call us at: USA Toll Free: 888-264-1827; USA: 619-819-6178 or within Mexico: 624-105-9100.

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